Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jail time for Michigan water overlords

Today's proof point for the conservative change that is happening comes in the form of criminal charges and jail time for Flint MI state employees and one city employee for their roles in lying about the water quality problem that they caused and then lied about and tried to cover up.

Again, the details are not important.  What IS important is that the top level brass are no longer protecting their minions.  If they get caught doing wrong, under the bus they go thump-thump.  Trust me when I tell you that underlings are much less likely to follow government orders that are not legal or are even a bit shady going forward.  They are seeing proof point after proof point where it is the minion going to jail.  And who opens the jail cell door for them?  None other than the corrupt person above them who told them, or implied to them or rewarded them that they should do the wrong thing in the first place!

One of these days the wrong minion will be thrown under the bus and he will turn state's evidence.  They will one day mess with the wrong guy and he will tell the feds a ton of things that his bosses didn't even know that he knew.  In fact, I can sense them right now - those underlings - staying late at work, going through the files, making copies of damning documents and doing other intel gathering that they will eventually be able to use for bargaining chips with the feds.

Once they get ahold of "that guy" and the proof that (s)he has gathered, the feds have their string to pull on and a whole section of the sweater of corruption comes unraveled in short order.

It's coming.  I know it's coming because government is organized crime and this is always how organized crime fails in the end.

My popcorn is getting cold.  I think I'll get another bag.  I'm enjoying the show.

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