Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shareholders reject outlandish compensation for BP CEO.

In another data point indicating the current and expanding trend, BP shareholders just said no to a lavish, kingly, elitist 14 million GBP pay package for the essentially useless figurehead CEO.  The people, no longer benefiting themselves from the rising debt of the great debt Ponzi, will increasingly ensure that the elite overlords feel the pinch as well. 

One of the greatest unrealized truths in this world is that the elite exist at the pleasure of the herd.  As long as the herd is willing to accept fake money in exchange for their labor, the elite will thrive.  Fake money is debt money.  But when the people begin to again demand to be compensated in real money, and they will at some point, the the elite will not be able to pay to maintain their vast empires.  It is only through expanding debt that these things could ever have been constructed and now that they exist, the maintenance on them is astronomical and it requires very high levels of labor in order to maintain them.  IF the people stop giving away their labor for free, the elite will collapse under their own corrupt weight of hyper consumption.

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