Friday, April 1, 2016

Trigger happy cop gets charged with 2nd degree murder.

I knew it was coming and now it is here.  The old "I feared for my life because I thought he was reaching for a gun" argument from killer kops is no longer good enough to save murderous police from being fired from their jobs and then criminally prosecuted.  Today's proof point can be read in this heartbreaking story.

Look folks, prosecuting the police when they murder people is all good and fine and it is certainly a first step but I believe that it is not good enough.  The man in question is still dead.  He was still gunned down without any chance to live by a police state gone wild.  The police are starting to punish their own but at a snail's pace.  If things do not change from police top brass pushing the word on down then I still fear that citizens will take matters into their own hands and put the fear of God into the police the way that only an angry populace can.

To police top brass: Uou are not doing enough up front work to stop your over-aggressive police force.  They played too many first person shooter games as kids and now they are on steroids.  What did you think the outcome of this combination would be?  Know this: you are personally responsible for every murder caused by your employees.  The fact that you might not have been held to account for this yet doesn't change the fact.  The people are keeping score.  The herd does not forgive and it does not forget.  Stop whatever else you might be doing and focus on remedial training.  Get in the faces of your people and scream at them in no uncertain terms that they better not fire a shot unless the perpetrator has reasonable ability to cause harm such as a gun or large bladed weapon.  Just having a small pocket knife is no real threat to a policeman in body armor.  Thinking that maybe possibly there might be a secret hidden gun some place is no reason to shoot someone.  Either you fix this or history shows that the people will fix it for you.  And one more thing: once you ignore this to the point where the people think they have to fix it, the "fix" will not end at parity and fairness.  Once the avalanche begins it will run its course.  Nobody wants that but if you don't do something about your problem then that is likely what we will get.  If we do get it then it will be your fault and nobody else's.

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