Friday, April 15, 2016

Get ready for an increasing number of of "conspiracy theories" to become proven true

When Mammon money is in control of the minds and hearts of men, the herding instinct says "don't rock the boat".  During this time, anyone who says anything to challenge the status quo is attacked, mainly with ridicule or scorn, for speaking their mind.  The herd does not like independent thought.  Free thinkers, especially those who are gifted with the power of good interpersonal communications, are a threat to the status quo.  GW Bush personified herd think when he stated to the world following 911, "either you're with us... or you're with the enemy".  Of course that is a load of horse shit.  Simply not siding with the absolute crap spewed by the American elite does not make me someone's enemy.  I am my own free thinking self.  The fact that I cannot be talked into believing nonsensical concepts and to nod my head at every utterance of some phony-ass herd leader does not make me a threat to anyone.

Lots of people are the same.  The problem is in trying to differentiate between the crazies and the hyper-informed because those who have fallen under control of the herd find it difficult to tell the difference.  If someone says anything against the system, 50 minions will jump out and call that person a conspiracy theorist in order to discredit him/her to the herd.

So why do these minions behave like that?  They are not stupid.  In order to understand the answer, we have to step back from humanity and look at all herding species.  Why does anyone accept their place in the pecking order?  In many cases, people even agree to do things for their leaders which will certainly result in their deaths or those of their children because they think it is their place.  I think they do it because it supports an order among the herd.  The herd loves order and it hates confrontations.  Any disagreement with the current herd dogma is heresy.  Either you're with us or you're against us.

When mammon money is in control of the human herd, the pillars and halls of the cathedrals of mammon money such as Wall St, the federal reserve, etc. are revered.  This is because ever increasing amounts of money supported by ever increasing debt increase the near term prosperity and the security of the herd.  Full bellies and bright looking futures make for herd loyalty.  Do you think the USA would be able to say and do the things it says and does globally with such swagger if it could not increase its debt each year to buy the loyalties of its minions?  Without ever, and yes, exponentially, increasing debt, who would pay for all this high tech battle gear, aircraft to knowhere, etc.?  The US wastes (as in pissed away, nothing to show for it) more money on failed or more usually, pointless military programs annually than the total GDPs of many of the smaller global nations combined.  It would be one thing if we taxed the productivity of our citizens to pay for it.  But we don't.  We just rack up endless and exponential debt.

You know that the end days for this obviously terminal condition are well under way when major organizations of the world begin to admit that the conspiracy theorists were right all along.  I predicted this a long time ago as something to BOLO for during End Times Watch.

Today is such a day for GATA.  You can read about it here.  The story itself is not the point.  Deutsche Bank silver settlement scams are just a drop in the bucket, not the end all be all of the world.  What is the point is that major elitist organizations are losing power to the degree that they can no longer maintain the facade of control.  Remember, these people were never in control.  They acted like they were in control, the herd got behind them because the herd thought it would benefit from being on the right side and so there was confidence about the level of control exerted but it was never real control.  Look at queen Hillary strutting around right now talking about what her government will and will not do. What a poser!  She is queen of the con and nothing more.  She is far from the only one.  It was always just a confidence game.  Importantly, in a con game, there is only "control" to the degree that Mark and Patsy allow it and essentially agree to it.

Think about it.  How fucking stupid is it to send your children off to war?  It's insane!  Especially for the USA which is surrounded by large moats on 2 sides and by much weaker kingdoms to the north and to the south.  Yet because we are a herd and because we are affected by herd think, parents have done it over and over again throughout the years in the name of "honor".  More near term this has devolved into "Support our troops".  Does it matter that there was never any real threat to US soil?  No.  Does it matter that elite children are exempt from front line mano-a-mano combat?  No.  The herding instinct is too strong.  In most cases it is stronger than the love of one's own children!  There is no counter-debate to this point.  The evidence is obvious and voluminous.  Parents have children, the state needs to start a war for some reason having nothing to do with the well being of the family.  The state tells Mark and Patsy to send their child into the gladiatorial arena arena in the name of honor.  Mark and Patsy do as they are told because they are controlled by herd think. Their children are turned into hamburger and returned to Mark and Patsy in plastic bags.  Sob, sigh, repeat.  The short video version of it is here.

Expect to see many conspiracy theories proven to be correct in the coming years as the power of Mammon Money wanes, herd think breaks down and ordinary people begin to think for themselves again because that is where the new security will lie.

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