Monday, April 18, 2016

Changes are coming at all levels for the elite.

2 years ago, could you ever have thought that a rich and famous person like Johnny Depp would be forced to create a serious apology video for breaking rules about importing his dogs into a country?  After all, he's Johnny f-ing Depp!   He's got  gazillion bux and a gorgeous wife.  They never used to have to follow these pesky laws which were set up for the working class.  But now even small violations are being treated rather harshly and, as you can see in the apology video, Depp looks humbled if not humiliated by the whole thing.

The details of the case are not important.  What is important is that these are exactly the kinds of things that I have been predicting we would see when the Mammon Money finally loses its control over the people.  These things seem small but they most certainly are not; they are major herding signals being sent out and they will transform behavior of the herd as a result.  The elite are going to act a bit less elite and a bit more down to Earth after seeing how Depp and his wife were treated by the establishment in its attempt to prove to the people that government is not evil and that it actually cares about fair treatment for everyone under a single legal system.  And of course government cares to do this because the global debt Ponzi that made the will of the people unimportant is now rolling over.

If my model continues to play out as it has, we will see more and more of these things and they will be big and bigger and reach higher and higher into the ranks of the elite in the coming months and years.

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