Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Utah provides confirming evidence for my world view

Back in this post I predicted that the porn industry would lose favor because of the wave of conservative attitudes that are spreading across the herd like wildfire.  Think about it, for decades porn has had an easy ride of it.  It grew and grew and no government agency would touch it because, well, it was growing.  You don't slaughter your good tax revenue producers now do you.

But something has officially changed as you can see by this article where the state of Mormon-run Utah has declared porn a public health "crisis".  The result?  The governor there signed a "resolution that deems pornography “a public health hazard” that can result in wide-ranging harm to individuals and society at large."  Of course, these words are carefully chosen and they spell doom for the porn industry in Utah.  Government has laws that allow it to attack "public health hazards" and the first step toward action is the declaration that something falls into this category.

We might now begin to see the downside of what some people wrongfully believe is conservatism.  Since most porn is distributed at low cost an anonymously over the Internet, Utah government will eventually come to the clownclusion that it has to control the Internet in order to save us from this public hazard.

As a real conservative I see that as liberal behavior.  Liberals like to tell others what to do even while they do the same thing themselves.  Bill Clinton was entirely capable of lecturing on moral virtues while getting a BJ from Monica.  Conservatives tell other people what is right and what is wrong but unless it is actually harming someone other than the person doing the act, conservatives let someone else handle the judgement of other people's actions.

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