Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This should be interesting [PLUG]

In the backlink I correctly modeled nearly the exact bottom for Plugpower.  So what is likely next according to my model?  Well to be sure, nobody knows for certain what will happen next.  Nobody.  Not the CEO, not the institutional investors, nobody.  Not with certainty.  But the Elliott wave principle tells me that the odds favor a strong move up from here to at least the $1.40-$1.60 level and it could be much higher.

Whatever happens should be interesting to watch but this model is busted if we get a lower low than what I have marked as black 2.  And if you own something without some kind of logical model to guide you then you are really gambling blind as a bat.

Zerohedge: CIA conspired with Sineloa drug cartel

Zerohedge reports that the son of Colombian drug cartel head Pablo Escobar has written in a soon to be released book that the CIA conspired with his drug dealer/murderous piece of shit dad to weed out the competition and to control the flow of drugs into the USA. (Note: the title of the ZH article is a bit misleading since it talks about a Mexican drug king when in fact Medellin is in Colombia and Pablo Escobar was Colombian).  Because of that confusion I went directly to the English translation of the original reference to read for myself.  The son names George Bush Sr.as being complicit and suggests that many many more big US names were also involved.

Well no shit!  It's like I have always said, the fake money - Mammon money - is very corrupting by its very nature.  Our government used its position to enrich certain top brass while telling the people what a great service they were doing for us.  In fact, government was and is to this day nothing but organized crime.  I said many, many times that during the liberal years which can be known by their expansionary fake money policies (i.e. debt growth), many people were corrupted into doing very bad things and when the fake money party finally collapses that the people will stop turning a blind eye to these things.  Many "conspiracy theories", some of them absolutely treasonous and tyrannical in nature, will be found to be true in the coming years.  In fact, many people already know that these things were actual conspiracies and not theories but they didn't want to waste their time or risk their standing by telling the truth to a crowd that didn't want to know the truth anyhow.

But now that the global growth of expanding credit is on the chopping block (as we can see by the collapse of globalism fully evidenced by things like Brexit and Trump's wall), people will suddenly care about these things again.  The "stupid people" will all of a sudden wake up from their hypnosis and they will be pissed when they realize that many of the people who they shouted down for telling the truth will be proven totally correct.  It is these liberal fools, not we conservatives, who will be screaming the loudest for the public executions (whether in real terms or in terms of reputation and character) of those who will finally be exposed to be the corrupt fucks that have been profiting by stepping on the necks of the rest of us.

The smart elite right now are reviewing their relocation options for non extradition countries.  G. Bush Sr., you drug running piece of shit, are you listening?  GW Bush, you warmonger and complicit bastard with 911, are YOU listening?  Career criminal, liar, thief and murderer Hillary Clinton, are YOU listening?  I've got my popcorn and coke and front row seat.  Let the show begin!
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