Saturday, February 11, 2017

Margaret Atwood is right, sort of.

BBC News has a short video of Margaret Atwood saying that society is headed back to "Puritan values" of the 17th century.  While she is not wrong to some degree, neither is she right.  I can say this because I predicted this was coming loooong before it was even on Margaret's RADAR.  Additionally, she made "liberal democracy" sound as if it were some kind of zenith in human evolution whereas I see it as a nadir in freedom, individualism, self determination and a whole host of other things I hold dear.  It was marked by massive abuses of power at all government levels and by atrocities committed by police and other government bullies.  It was only a good thing to those who valued statism which was financed by exponential debt such that intellectuals like Margaret never had to do any real work for a living.  She was able to sit in comfort and think while others put food on her table, a roof over her head, etc. In other words she wrote books and dabbled in fairly useless technology that had no real benefit on society. Obviously as the liberal debt Ponzi scam (which she prospered on the coat tails of) begins to collapse, so will her income.  Nobody is going to be reading her liberal crap in 5 years and she will die of old age quietly and without further fanfare. 

If Trump turns out to be like Hitler it will simply be because the liberal policies allowed too many parasites to prosper.  Lenin probably captured that best by saying that fascism is capitalism in decay.  Well, sort of at least.  Not true honest capitalism but rather crony capitalism.  We have not had true capitalism for many decades because capitalism relies on the presence of capital and we have no net capital.  That's what being $20 trillion in debt means: we have no net capital.  Anything we have in hand is borrowed and will some day be called back to the creditor.  That's not real capitalism folks.  A collapse is baked into the cake at some point, perhaps on Trump's watch.

But I do agree that we are headed to more conservative ways with less women in the workforce and more women home raising the family.  Why??  Because with the rise of fake money came the decline of the family.  The family used to be the social security whereas nowadays people rely on government to take care of them in their old age.  The government is going to let them down. The herd is going to see this and the response will be to have children that can fill the gap.  I personally do not see the rise of family values as the big negative that Atwood unwittingly portrays them to be!  She's obviously a flaming liberal who thinks she speaks for all women.  I suspect that a lot of Puritan women were very happy with their situation.  Trust me, LOTS of women would love to be out of the workforce and raising a family.  It's hard work but faaaaaaaar more rewarding than laboring for a stranger.

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