Sunday, February 5, 2017

People used to not care about the truth.

Trust me, they will begin to care again, and soon.  Information like this has been out there for a long time but nobody wanted to stop the Mammon money train.  Not just on the abortion topic for that is just an example of the depravity.  Corruption similar to what happened with the abortion clinics has happened in a widespread manner in finance, education, police, military, corporate America, etc. Our entire society is under the spell of a massive corrupting force called fake money.

In each case of individual corruption you find the same underlying excuse for participation: "everyone else is doing it.  If I don't do it someone else will just take my place".  This is the excuse to do whatever immoral thing they need to in order to chase the fake green paper.  Lie, cheat, steal, kill.  Turn morality on its head and replace everything that is good with a fake, fake, fake version of it with fake money being the energy source for all of the fake truths.

But the fake money train is peaking in locked step with the spread of the conservative wave and when the people are no longer enchanted by the promise of easy, fractionally reserved debt based money they are going to look back at what has taken place and they will be mortified.  Big names and big institutions who once were given unfettered freedom to do any amount of corrupt shit will be brought to heel.  People will say that nobody saw it coming but that is pure crap.  I see it coming and anyone who is not under the spell of Mammon money sees it coming as well.  Major changes are coming.

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