Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fed governor Tarullo suddenly turns in resignation.

Under the continuing category of rats leaving sinking (or is it "stinking...") ships, federal reserve co-conspirator Daniel Tarullo got a whiff of what The Donald was selling regarding more congressional oversight of the fed and suddenly turned in his resignation.  Here is a man who joined the Ponzi Pumpers back in 2009 and helped blow the current stock and housing bubbles.  It should not go unnoticed that he is leaving without giving the kind of advance notice that one would expect from such an elite and visible position.  The article also informs us that his resignation was tendered just days after the feds long standing general counsel Scott Alvarez donned a parachute and bailed out of the dying fed.

So let me recap: first the Trump administration comes in guns ablazing and running straight at Yellen's fed and then within a very short time two long standing elitists decide that they should go pursue other callings??  You know things are bad when the scumbag lawyer hits the road.  They are the craftiest con men in the room and the exit of the CFO and or general counsel of a corporation or other kind of organization without some kind of explanation is never a good sign.

Keep in mind what is at stake here.  The fed controls the world's money supply and The Donald wants control of it so he can shower it down on US industry like Santa Claus.  Once congress gets control of the money supply only an idiot would fail to realize that we are in for a bout of inflation and sooner or later a full blown "currency event".

Don't save your retirement funds in a 401k.  It's just stupid.  Instead, pay the tax on the earnings and save them up until you can buy gold and silver coins.  The dollar cannot survive forever when confidence is being lost in the issuing authority (i.e. the federal reserve bank).  What part of this is so difficult to understand??  They are liars, all of them.  Liars and con men.  Hold economic trust in anything they say or do at your own financial (or otherwise) peril.

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