Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hedge funds leaving the playing field.

Hedge funds have been closing by the droves of late and the latest two are those of Chelsea Clinton's husband along with a Goldman hedge fund London operation.  Folks, hedge funds don't close on their own. They close where there are not enough people putting money into them.  I think we are seeing the signs that there are getting to be fewer and fewer suckers.  I think that the move toward conservatism is telling people to just save their money instead of gambling it in a wildly volatile market into which a Trump presidency will likely do little more than add volatility.

When people begin to leave the Ponzi like this, the Ponzi is not long for this world.  There is still a ton of money to be made on the short side of things when the big collapse begins.  Don't think its not coming.  It's coming.  Remember when I was saying that we would see a significant rise in civil unrest in the coming years?  Well, just look around. Everyone is at everyone else's throats.  The country has never been more divided and that division has more to do with wealth inequality than anything else.  Until the wealthy elite are brought down there will be no happiness among the people.

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