Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Just another shameless [PLUG] for my Elliott wave market timing service.

When I wrote this post on PlugPower at 8:30pm on Sunday Feb 5th 2017 the last trade to close out the prior week was 94 cents.  I indicated that it could likely fly up to at least $1.30 once the bottom was is.

As you can see from below, it reversed and then hit $1.35 on zero news.  Oh sure, Investopedia came in after the rise had begun and reported on it but of course they failed to mention that it was likely to go to $1.30 or better.  In other words, everything they wrote was just a waste of your valuable time.  They simple stated the obvious.  In fact, all of the financial news is the same.  They have no idea what is likely to come next because they have no model to guide them like we Elliotticians do.  Now, like a big game hunting or fishing guide cannot always put you on the game or on the fish, no human, not even the most skilled Elliottician can be right 100% of the time because herd movements are semichaotic.  But they are not nearly as random as most people believe either.  The results below are just more evidence that there is something to this Elliott wave principle.  When faced with this kind of hard evidence it pays to be open minded...

The reason I bother to document these things in this manner is that there is no possible way I or anyone should ever be able to call it like this unless there is at least some kind of order to the way stocks move. 

If you are a trader and you don't have this tool in your toolbox then why don't you try my Elliott wave charting service?  Try it for just one month without any recurring subscription to have to remember to cancel.  That is just $54.95. OR sign up for the recurring service at a reduced monthly subscription rate of just $39.99 and cancel at any time simply by going to your paypal account and cancelling the recurring payment.  Its very simple indeed and you don't need to ask anyone else to do it.  If you want it done, it's done and there are no questions remaining in your mind.

I cover many sectors with focus on the metals and miners which have the potential for generating wildly, even rabidly out sized returns for those who are open minded enough to base their trading around the Elliott wave principle.  The one month subscription link is above and the recurring subscription link is at the top of this page, two subject tabs over from the right.

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