Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dollar EW chart update [UUP]

I have been calling the major turns on JNUG with pretty good accuracy over on the paid site and so here is another free teaser for the legacy site.  UUP is the dollar index.  Look at when the dollar peaked last - it was late 2015.  Then into 2016 the C wave began to play out.  It's quite possible that if the count below is correct that the dollar has just bottomed into red 2 of black 5 meaning a 3rd wave up (3/5) could be unfolding.  Clearly the dollar and gold have been trading in opposition since 2011.  Dollar up, gold down.  That trend is not broken yet because black 4 has not fallen back into the range of black 1/A.  I'm tracking this and many other factors on the paid site in order to give subscribers as much advance notice as possible into the next likely short term moves.  Consider subscribing and joining us over there if you want to see what I see.

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