Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Germany wants to know "what's going on?"

Germany, the US, Japan and many other parts are seeing an unprecedented spike in the number of mass killings.  The most recent was in Japan where the people don't have guns; 19 were killed in a knife attack.  I wonder how many would have been saved if just one Japanese person in that crowd would have been packing his nine.

In any case, the attacks are global in nature and no they are not all done by the mystical power Isis which the US and others want to blame for everything.  The groups involved are disparate and all of it almost seems random.

Almost, that is, unless you have been reading my blog for a few years.  People who understand what is really going on are zero surprised or confused about the source of the angst.  The global herd has been laboring under a fake money supply which has been teetering on the brink for several years now and the herd is feeling the effects of it.  Those on the low end of the economic scale are feeling the pain in an outsized way.

Gerald Celente has summed it up the best of anyone I follow.  He has been saying for many years now that when people have lost everything and they think they have nothing left to lose, they "lose it".  Many people believed all the lies and wimpy promises of government and now they see that government can barely take care of itself.  This song, played by a band appropriately named "Stabbing Westward" is effectively the new national anthem of many governments around the world.  This new understanding is going to affect a small percentage of the population in an out-sized way.  Some will kill themselves in protest.  Others will lash out at those who they deem to be the loyal sheeple of the status quo.  And some of course will target those at the top who are actually running this con game of a global economy.

But nobody should be confused as to why it is now happening in such rapidly increasing numbers.  It was predictable and predicted.  I will say again for the record that we ain't seen bad yet but it's coming.

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