Thursday, July 21, 2016

The big global club of elite is just falling apart at the seams.

Today's evidence of this ongoing and escalating situation is that Trump is now telling NATO members that if he gets elected that he will not automatically come to their aid if they are attacked.  Those nations will first have to prove some arbitrary obligations" to the US have been fulfilled.

So basically, this is Trump telling the world that they need to pay the US to continue being the world's policeman.  While I don't think the US should be the global police force, I do see that other nations are now going to have to spin up their military capability because there is now a new threat from The Donald that Nato members will have to go it alone in case of attack.  If the US opts out, who else would too?  The UK?  Others?  So now it seems that NATO is at risk of falling apart just like the EU.  The rising credit environment was great for everyone getting along, globalization, one world governments and global police forces.  Now that the credit ponzi is running out of steam, so are all the things that it paid for.

This is going to get very interesting in the coming years and it is pretty certain that war is coming at some point.  Why?  Because the criminal cartel governments are now infighting, each trying to jockey for favor with their people while pointing the finger at someone else.  A similar thing is going on now with Russia being barred from the Olympics for doping.  The US is the king of doping, just look at our police forces.  But Russia is out of favor and so Russia is getting punished and her leaders are made to lose face over things like this.

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