Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This is how sheeple in the US handle police gone wild

Here's a short video from a man to his son "in case he doesn't make it home" at some point in time.  In it he basically tells his son not to believe the state propaganda/face-saving line of crap that he expects to be spewed by the police and the media in the event of his shooting death which is that the victim somehow deserved to be killed for resisting arrest or somehow causing an easily frightened cop to believe that his safety was being threatened. 

Of course, the state has taken the extreme position that if there is a 1% chance that the cop might get a paper cut interacting with the victim that this enables, justifies and practically even encourages the use of deadly force.  The police now treat every shooting as a paid 2 week holiday for the murderer.  The people, who used to back the cops and put up yellow ribbons and all the other accouterments of sheeplized herd-think mind washing, are realizing en masse what I have been writing on the blog for years which is that any interaction with police these days is potentially fatal to anyone in the surrounding area.  The police have lost all sense of service to the people and the people are all treated as if we are the plague even though it is the taxation of our labor that keeps cops in their jobs.

Maybe the cops will respond positively to this kind of messaging in the video but there is an equal chance that they will confuse that man's gentleness with weakness or stupidity. The cops have been brainwashed to think like that and the heavy use of steroids within the force is encouraged and supported by the authorities.  In fact, an article from January of this year even states that the police unions claim cops have the right to dope with steroids.

  Note: This ongoing theme of heavy steroid use on the force is my opinion based on my observations.  This is not a new opinion.   I first mentioned it here back in mid 2014 but I have mentioned it several times since then.  Very few are talking about this problem but I expect that to change dramatically within 2 years as everyone begins to realize that the force has too many oversized hyper-aggresive trigger happy assholes in its ranks and those are characteristics of steroid abuse/doping).  I also want to note that long term use of steroids is known to be associated with early death in mice.  As an engineer I have to say that it only stands to reason that the bulb which burns brighter than its original design specs will not last the full life expectancy...

I again say to all US LEOs:  PLEASE extend the olive branch to the people.  PLEASE get your house back in order and show that you are loyal to the citizens and not to the elite who have made you so many unkeepable promises.  PLEASE stop giving cause to sheeple like the guy in the video to create hopeless sounding sheeple video messages to his son in case the police happen to kill him on a whim.

PLEASE do these things for your own sake if for nothing else because we are coming to a critical point in time where society will either stay its hand against you with the understanding that you have received The Message and that you are making real efforts to repair your behavior OR that it is time to smack you down in a way that you simply do not think is possible and will not like to see (if and when you make it a requirement to do so).

The Message, in case you did not receive the memo, is that you are not in charge of us.  You fill an important role but you are the servant of the people, not the master.  You work for the people, not the elite who whisper Wimpy Promises in your ear.  They are liars, all of them, and they have led you down a dark path which is eventually a dead end. 

The message is also that you cannot stand up against an awakened population.  The LEOs never had a chance against the herd at Kruger and neither will you if you don't stop killing defenseless, harmless men, women and children in a careless and unrepentant fashion.  The recent events where individuals and groups have taken up arms against you head to head, mano a mano, these should be telling you that your shock and awe no longer are keeping the horns at bay.  This is a warning which I suggest you heed because there is so much at stake for everyone involved.  The people now require to deal with you  based on mutual respect and mutual support.  The past years of one sided interactions between police and the people are coming to an end one way or the other.

These are not threats! These are lessons from history which you ignore at your own peril.

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