Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More elite infighting: Kelly vs. Ailes.

Megyn Kelly has stepped over the elite line by piling onto Gretchen Carlson's prior claims of sexual harassment by disgusting pig and chairman of Fox News, Roger Ailes.  Instead of Kelly having an unfortunate car accident or committing suicide, Ailes is apparently out of the plane and now left to float down on a 40 million dollar (AKA "hush money") golden parachute.

Ailes has of course been doing whatever he wanted to do for a long time now because when the grass grew green and tall nobody wanted to rock the boat.  But now that things are slowing down globally,  there is less room at the top and the marginal elite are being put to the symbolic sword.

Ailes is fighting this of course but he should be embracing it.  This is his chance to get away while 40 million dollar parachutes are still available.  This is not going to last for ever!  We will begin to see these elite packages literally collapse with exponential speed going forward.  Watch and see.  Nobody thinks this is possible but I am confident it is coming.

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