Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What could possibly go wrong here?

The Chinese have been creating new islands from the shallows of the South China seas.  Everyone knows this.  The Chinese have decided that they will stake their claim on their part of the world.  They have suggested in the past that the US and China jointly police the world.  China in Asia and the US in the Americas and Europe in conjunction with NATO.

Of course the US doesn't like another crime boss muscling in on the territory that Uncle Sam has under its protection racket and so it has told China that the disputed waters around these new islands, errr, military bases, are globally navigable and that the skies above them are open for all air travel.  As proof, the US (and US puppets) has sailed its military fleet near the islands and overflown the islands with many kinds of military jets including observation aircraft, fighters and even B52s.

Each time, China responded strongly and its responses have been escalating in aggression of late.  In other words, the tiger is tired of having its tail pulled.  It has worked like a dog for the past 40 years in order to build itself into a world power and now that it is a de facto world power it wants a little respect and a little say-so about what goes on.

In order to feign a foothold on high moral ground, the US put the its Philippine puppets up to bringing a case before the US-owned Hague tribunal which of course ruled that China has no legal basis for is South China Sea claims.  Well, duh!  What legal basis does any bully ever have for doing anything?  What "legal basis" did the US government have for rounding up the American Indians and shoving them into what were essentially concentration camps?  What "legal basis" did the US have for invading so many other countries?  How can the US talk about morality or "legal basis" when people like Smedley Butler clearly explaining how war, including and especially war made by the US has no legal OR MORAL basis.  It's a fucking racket. 

Of course, the outcome of the Hague ruling was a foregone conclusion.  China is not going to back down at this point simply because some monkey court from some foreign land says so.  China is going to dig in its heels.  This is a dangerous situation folks because, as Einstein was quoted to say, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.".   The Chinese know that if the US needs to use nukes that the US will use nukes.  If someone already knows this, why wait for someone to use nukes on them?  Why not just say "well we did everything we could but the enemy would not listen and so we just defended ourselves"?

Well, I always knew that war was one of the potential outcomes of the collapse of the global debt Ponzi.  It's not a done deal yet but the risk is rising very rapidly.  Do you have any spare food yet?  If not, and this is just a suggestion, perhaps you might want to invest in some.  Even if a world war doesn't turn nuclear it could easily disrupt supply lines to the population as everything is diverted to the war effort.  Nationalism is running very high all over.  Its a dangerous situation.

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