Thursday, July 14, 2016

Deadbeats will not be tolerated by the new conservative wave

Conservatives pay their debts.  Liberals accrue debts and then complain about their debt load, usually while continuing to consume as if they don't have any debt.

For people who do not really understand what debt is, it is two things:
- pulling future consumption forward
 by agreeing to 
 - voluntary servitude to your creditor

This is the economic truth of the matter. The reason you are in debt, the difficulty of paying it off relative to your income, how nice and well meaning a person you are or how you were tricked into taking on such debt in the first place are really of no consequence to anyone but the debtor.  In short, I don't care what your reasons for being in debt are, I still expect you to pay it back.  Maybe next time you will think about SAVING some money for that "unexpected" car emergency, etc.  Liberals like to spend everything they make in real time without any thought to the future.  Thus, EVERY bad thing that happens to them is unexpected.  Conservatives are just the opposite.  We go around expecting that sooner or later bad shit will happen and that perhaps we should take the time now, while times are still pretty good, to make a few simple preparations.

In any case, many liberals simply plan to default.  Like Trump, they will just wait until times get bad and then when many of their fellow liberals are in dire straits and defaulting, they plan (yes, plan) on mingling in with the herd and throwing their bad debt on the pile hoping for their own little Shemittah.

During liberal upswing years when the money supply is growing (mainly the credit portion of it which is faaar bigger than the monetary base controlled by the federal reserve), few seem to care if deadbeats default.  After all, there is plenty to go around so who cares if a small number of scum bags get in over their heads with too much partying on other people's money.

But when things tighten up for many years at a time as they have been doing since 2008, the working portion of the herd gets less and less happy about putting up with deadbeats.  In days of olde the deadbeats would go to jail until they either coughed up their hidden stash to pay off the debt or more likely until a relative came and bailed them out.  Failure to get either of the above would leave a 3rd choice which would be much less fun.

But now we don't have debtor's jail and we are now at the point where many don't care about their credit scores because their credit is so messed up and their incomes are so low that they don't even bother with bank accounts anymore.  So I guess deadbeats can just do whatever they want to anymore, right?

Um, not really.  Society has many ways of dealing with unsociable behavior and we are starting to see the private sector show just how creative it can be in getting deadbeats to care about either not going into debt in the first place or paying up past debts.  Effectively, society can treat deadbeat debtors as second class citizens.

In today's example of this, a liberal New York deadbeat student debtor was told that she cannot join a convent until she pays back her 18k debt.  First off, I have to say, and I know this is not PC but I have to say it anyway, that if miss liberal fashion wannabe had any talent for fashion then she would not be running for the protection of the convent from the cold reality of the real world.  Her "calling" only happened after she failed to make a big splash on the NY fashion scene.

Additionally, it is clear that she had no plans to ever pay off her 18k debt.  She was going to join the convent where they essentially provide room and board and not much else.  So all this talk about paying off 18k over the next decade is a joke.  She was going for the sympathy vote.   I'm a nun, please stop your bill collectors from calling me. God will get you if you don't, blah blah blah.

Now that the convent has shot this plan down you can rest assured that the deadbeat will never join the convent.  Why?  Because if she ever does pay off the bill then she won't need the convent!  Like all liberals, she has no conviction, only personal needs/desires.  So if the convent cannot help her duck her creditors then she has no need of the convent.

I look for more and more of these kinds of things to happen.  For example, if you default on your debt, don't be looking for a corporate job in the future because they will treat that as a bad character reference regardless of your excuses.  In fact, it will not surprise me to see corporations set up special programs where those heavily indebted are forced to pay off their debt as a condition of employment.  The corporation can withhold X% of salary per month and pay it to creditors instead of letting the debtor handle it. In this way the corporation knows it will get it done and it will claim this is part of good corporate citizenship.

Many other life opportunities will be shut down for deadbeat defaulters going forward.  If you incurred the debt, pay the debt else for many intents and purposes it will be like having a felony offense on your record for the rest of your life.  Since this message targets liberals I will put it in terms that they can understand: don't pay off your debts because it is the right/moral thing to do, do it because it is in your own self interest. 

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Augustine said...

The only news here is that the applicant to the Sisters of Life she went to crowd funding to deal with her debt. As far as I know, almost all religious orders for women require the applicant to be debt free before being admitted to the novitiate (the phase that begins after the postulancy). A few religious orders for men will pay off student debt though.

Now, I wonder why she resorted to crowd funding, since I know of at least a couple of charities which will pay student debt off of those entering religious orders.

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