Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A handful of truth supports a bucket load of bullshit.

Check out this video to witness the con in action wherein The Big Lie is told whilst being covered up with some truth.  The narrator tells us truthfully that gold ETFs are paper representations of gold which won't be there in the emergency.  You'll be left to fight the economic fire with a paper fire extinguisher we are told.

Truth, all.  Not only is it obvious on its face, history has shown over and over and over again that paper promises which are made during good times are simply defaulted upon in bad times.  Donald Trump tells us that he "follows the law".  Yes I'm sure he does.  He and his God forsaken team of lawyers know every weakness of the law, every loophole in it, and then create deals around these loopholes such that if everything goes south that Trump will still get out of the deal with a profit.  Trump is following immoral laws made by self serving, lawless elite and so yes, he follows the law.

These gold ETFs which the video warns us about are just other Trumps.  They also follow the law but they know what most people do not know: the providers of the ETFs are not in it for the gold investment, they are in it to capture people's money and then to buy gold contracts with a small portion of the money using the rest of it to speculate in a leveraged way in any way they see fit.  They do not actually have the gold just like JPM got caught not having the physical silver that they told everyone was being stored for them and that they were actually charging storage fees for.  I guess its very expensive to pay for the storage of phantom metal...

SO, now that gold has caught a bid up from the bottom, the marketeers are out again in force telling us about all the risks of the evil system.  That's great.  The only problem is that those doing the marketing are just as full of shit as those they accuse.  Observe the screen cap I took from the vid.  It tries to impress us with fancy pictures of stacks of gold and silver and then tops it all off with fancy paper documents containing 50 cent words whose only purpose is to impress and confuse the simple minded.