Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dallas police murders.

I've been out of touch with the news all last week up in Virginia working on the "new" boat but I did hear from one of the locals about the tragic shooting of multiple police officers resulting in 5 of their numbers dead.  Very sad. At the same time, not that difficult to predict either.  In fact, long time readers of this blog will know that on several occasions I warned the police that their heavy handed tactics of treating the people as if their lives and property didn't matter would be punished just as soon as the debt-driven prosperity began to collapse to the point where people who were once hopeful would lose hope.  At that point the gloves would come off.  Well, the gloves are off.

I want to say again to all you police and law enforcement people out there: if you fuck with the bull long enough, sooner or later you will get the horns.  What happened in Dallas is exactly the lesson of the battle at Kruger.  The LEOs fucked with the herd when the herd was well fed and the lack of violent reaction over time was misinterpreted as weakness.  The truth is that the herd simply saw it as a reasonable trade off.  The LEOs would abuse and kill for their own purposes a small percentage of the population and the herd would do nothing because it cared more about maximizing the otherwise prosperous times.

I hate the fact that these killings are random.  We probably lost some good, honest police officers there while other SOB cops that actually deserve some street justice of their past offenses against good people were not affected by this event.  Again, very sad.  But if that aspect of this incident is all that we focus on then how can we ever have any chance at understanding it with the goal of preventing like occurrences?

The knee jerk reaction is to go round up all the guns in the hands of the private citizens.  I'm telling anyone with the sense to see it that this is just a bad move, period.  I am no criminal but if you want to start a war with me by trying to disarm me then don't think I won't come out swinging!  We are free people, not your subjects.  We must agree to abide by any rules imposed; we cannot be coerced.  And it will remain that way as long as we have guns and ammo.  So anyone who tries to change that becomes my enemy.  Is it really that difficult to understand?

Here is more wisdom for those with ears to hear: police look like bad asses when they breach a house at 3am in full body armor and carrying every kind of gun that the people can buy for them.  Yep, when they encounter sleeping people in bed, the police are really tough.  They are quite tough when handling old ladies too.  But 5 of them went down this week just like any of us common folk have when the police begin blasting away.  There's nothing special about police and in fact in many cases they have turned into thugs and bullies.  This needs to change and fast else we will see more and more crazy people doing more random targeting of cops going forward.  Police will not change this by becoming more heavy handed!  That will only give more support to the cop killers.  Police MUST offer the olive branch to the people and then build trust in their communities.  Nothing else will work.

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