Sunday, July 17, 2016

LEOs who murder hundreds each year are now crying like pussies.

Three new police deaths in Baton Rouge today so quick on the heels of the last ones in Dallas strongly suggest that the battle at Kruger has likely begun here in the US.  As a result, the LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) are crying like babies about this most predictable outcome, brought down on themselves by their own hand.  It was completely predictable and predicted.  If this had just popped up from thin air (which is what it must seem to many unaware grazers in the herd), then yes, it would seem unexpected and idiots would sympathize with the police state.  But this did NOT just pop up and it has indeed been a long time coming.  Please read this post from 2013 wherein I explained what was likely going to happen and why.  I wrote:

"There is a major problem with Obama's plan to wipe out the US middle class.  Poor people have generally found ways to be content being poor.  They can remain poor indefinitely without it being too much of a problem as long as they can feed and breed.  Besides, if they get angry all they can do is riot and throw rocks.  But the American middle class is past that point and I think it will not devolve happily.  Too many Americans work too many hours to just not care if they get impoverished by the heavy hand of government "wealth leveling".  In addition, these same Americans are heavily armed.  They are far from helpless and they will only take so much.  It is not in the nature of the American worker to just lie there and take it forever.

Here is, one last time, one of my favorite links which is to a video of the "Battle at Kruger".  I like this video so much because it shows a real life depiction of the herd vs. the predators.  At the start of the video, the herd of water buffaloes is walking along calmly when the leader sees some lions resting in front of them.  The lions see a young member in the herd.  Sensing an easy meal, the lions run into the herd with a "shock and awe" attack.  This produces the desired panic which the lions then use to pick out the young calf.  They begin to kill it when the broader herd finally figures out that it has been routed by a few measly lions, each of which is only a fraction of the size of any adult herd member.  Needless to say, the lions get their asses kicked hard once the herd remembers this simple fact.

And so, I fear,  it shall be for the American middle class once they come across some catalyzing moment in the not too distant future.

So who is really the villain and who is really the victim here? Americans have been laboring under an increasingly socialist system whose main means of protecting the status quo is the implementation of a rising police state.  The police are here to protect and serve for sure.  But WHO?  Of course, the elite.  Those who control the fake money supply, that's who.  Certainly not the poor or middle classes.  Any miscalculation by these groups ends up in a dead poor or middle class person and a smoking gun in the hands of a murderous "I'm just doing a very difficult job" asshat, steriod-doped robotron cop.  Not once.  Not twice.  But over and over and over and over and over again.  I can scarcely believe that the herd has shown this much restraint thus far.  But of course I know why that happened as well: full stomachs and the promise of a new sunrise just over the next hill have kept the herd docile.  The herd trusted in the con men to lead to a new tomorrow and they trusted and they trusted but now they are beginning to lose confidence in the con and it is allowing them to see the truth as I and many others have been telling it for years: the con men running this show are in it to win it for themselves. 

And so I will say again for the record:

Police of America, you have a valuable job but you have abused your authority and position in society.  You have lost your way.  You think you work for the elite and that they are the only ones who you need to actually care about.  I know why that is!  You were promised job security, preferential legal treatment and fat pensions that nobody else in society gets.  These things were alluring and you were taken in by them.  Greed is a powerful motivator in all of us.  You began to think that they were your birthright, you and your brothers in blue.  But now you are seeing cracks in the system and you realize that promises made to you are now in jeopardy.  Your pensions are no longer safe as the global debt Ponzi begins to collapse because those pensions, like so many other things in our economy, were debt based; they were and are unkeepable promises.  And so in an attempt to curry favor with those who you thought could guarantee these promises, you closed ranks with the elite thinking they had all the power and that the people could be enslaved in order to make good on the promises that were made to you by the elite.

This seemed to work for awhile because people thought they had more to gain by living within your corrupt system.  But for many at the bottom, all hope is now gone.  They are now in their Gerald Celente selves.  They look forward only to diminishing spending power, high risk of job loss, rising health care costs (which translate into a lower feeling of personal security for many).  I'm here to tell you that this is more dangerous than every drug cartel on the planet combined.  You can now no longer have any indication who is friend and who is very upset with you.  But recent events are making it clear that these attacks on your persons are no longer arbitrary "lone wolf crazy guy" in nature.  They are becoming organized.  It means that you must now reap what you have sown: home grown freedom fighters.  Yes, you will call them domestic terrorists, that much is clear.  History is clear on this.  But from their perspective they are simply tired of being preyed upon.  They are tired of a 2 tier justice system.  They are tired of prosperity for the elite and servants of the elite (like you) while the lower classes skid off the care map.

So it's time to make up your minds, police.  Do you work for the elite or do you work for the people?  If you continue to stand with the elite against the most heavily armed civilian population in the history of man what do you think the outcome will be?  I don't need to see a civil war play out here.  I already know the outcome.  The American people are the large herd of Kruger.  The American people have big, nasty pointy horns which, when put to use with conviction, will make mincemeat out of any attacker.  The elite and their LEOs are the lions of Kruger.  VERY powerful for small skirmishes.  They work together and they have a big "presence" which is usually very frightening to the herd.  But when the herd has had enough and when the herd stops being afraid then the elite and their LEOs are fucked.  The herd is an unstoppable force.  Only the idiot cowboy stands in front of the stampede yelling at the herd to stop.

So here is my advice again to you:  JUST STOP.  Back down while you still can.  De-escalate.  Bring forth the olive branch.  Get off your damned pedestals wherein you think everyone is supposed to worship you (and fear you) as you worship your elite while at the same time you show nothing but disdain for the common man.  Can't you see what's coming???    These shootings are still being done by one man and they are killing multiple cops.  Do you think this message is being lost on the fringe players most at risk of rising up against you??  NOOOOOOOO!  It is emboldening them and they are learning from it.  They will begin to adapt quickly.  The next shooting will not be a single man.  It will be a small team.  As a result of working together, the murderous rabble/terrorists/freedom fighters will not all die as they have been doing in the past.  One will die and two will escape.  And then they will learn from that as well.  Soon, if left to grow in historically normal ways, cops will die and attackers will not only escape, they will vanish.  Nobody will know who did it.  I could go on and on here but hopefully you get the picture.  You cannot win once the disenfranchised
a) gain the moral high ground in the eyes of many people (they have that right now fellas...)
b) lose their fear of dying thus giving them an almost superhuman "Viking advantage" against you (again, I'm seeing many signs of this already).
c) self organize against you in numbers (this is coming and soon unless things change in a very visible way).

As usual, I don't hope for these things and I am certainly not calling for them.  I'm simply reminding you of the history you either have forgotten or never knew in the first place.  Cracking down (as Trump says he will do) simply will not work!!!  It will only fan the flames.  There is only one workable way forward: quit screwing the slave class by reforming the corrupt money system which concentrates societal wealth and power unfairly.  Anything else is dumb and dumber.

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Augustine said...

I think that it's worth mentioning that those on the periphery, be they poor countries or the poor in a country, are hit first and harder, as you often say. In this case, factually speaking, the blacks are in the periphery of American society and are being hit first and harder. Their participation in the prison population is evidence of this. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the blacks are also those to hit back first and hard.

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