Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another freebie for my free site [WOOD]

Here's a very conservative natural resources sector ETF whose chart model says is ready for lift off : ticker WOOD.  This is wood and timber services.   It's been a laggard but not for much longer. So saith the chart.

Folks, the fed is going to unleash NIRP (negative interest rate policy) if the things in the EU get much worse.  You can tell the civil mood over there just sucks and that's how it gets when the herd is disillusioned.  Deflation is breaking the EU up just as Prechter warned us that it had the ability to do so many years before deflation was something other than an academic joke. 

If that that trend line breaks to the upside as I think it likely will then we will have an inverted H+S.  This is no JNUG but then again, it's not JNUG.  In other words, yeah you won't get a 20 bagger out of it (remember when I was predicting that kind of crazy performance to come?) but neither is its natural direction to go to zero (JNUG will go to zero some day).  This is a value play meaning that it has to do with something that has real value (as opposed to ethereal value from so many other plays over the past 40 years).

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