Friday, July 15, 2016

And they wonder why some people want to kill them...

I don't know if you watched the video of the death associated with this story but I did and it was hard to watch.  The video comes on just after a cop has shot through an open car window 4-5 times point blank into the chest and arms of a hapless black man who foolishly informed police that he was carrying a legally licensed firearm on his person.  The story is all over the news wires for several days now so I won't waste time in rehashing it but let me say two things about it:

1) This was an execution style murder.  The man who was killed was in no posture for being an effective threat against the cop.  The cop was standing, the victim was sitting.  The cop had his gun drawn, the victim's gun never left its holster.  The cop will now get a couple weeks of paid leave with the expectation that the department will smooth it all over since that is what has happened so many times in the past.  Maybe it will be different this time due to the power of the filming of that poor man as his lifeblood poured out onto the car seats and he literally expired on camera.

2) To expect restraint by the loved ones who were affected here is insane.  That cop should be put in jail for life or he should receive the death sentence just like I would have gotten had I done that.  Believe me when I tell you that if that was my brother in the passenger seat and some fuck head cop gunned him down like a dog in the street without just cause then there would be nothing capable of stopping me from killing him and anyone who got between me and him.  The law in the US is currently in a de facto state of suspension because special people can do whatever they want without any real repercussion simply by claiming they were doing their job.  But it is not their job to shoot people preemptively just in case.  It is in fact their job to take a bullet in defense of the citizen.  Sorry cops, you can't have it both ways.  I can tell you for sure that I am not the only person who feels like this.  If the courts will not do justice, history shows that the herd, the people will take justice into their own hands. 

One more thing.  The shooter who recently killed those police in Dallas, he was one man.  He killed 5 of them and wounded 7 before they took him down.  And it's not like he busted into a doughnut shop where they were all drinking coffee and gabbing.  They were standing up, fully armed, wearing body armor, etc.  And one single man put 5 of them into the ground before they got him.  So it is exactly like I have been saying all along.  Cops are all scary big and bad when they breech your door at 3am and toss a flash bang grenade into your child's crib.  They are real tough when pointing their guns in the faces of sleeping, unarmed people.  But put a live, wide awake, clothed, armed man on the street up against them with just a fraction of the firepower that they had and a fraction of their training and look what happened.  It was a snuff by any measure.  The reason?  The shooter was simply unafraid of them and the cops were scared shitless, cowering in their jackboots.  You can see it in the video.  The shooter is almost casual, like playing a video game or something.  He was not afraid to die and it gave him a Viking's advantage over the cops who were terrified of death.

The cops ought to be ashamed by the way that guy waded through them and took out 5 of their "finest".  Let it also be a warning to the police: the herd seems docile and you can use it for a punching and kicking bag when the grass grows green and tall.  But in a prosperity drought the herd will not take your bullshit.  You will see over and over and over again how the battle at Kruger plays out in your back yard unless and until you back the heck up out of people's faces with your police state bullshit.  Oh, and "cracking down" at this point would be such a mistake.  The olive branch is the way forward.  Put the police state attitude behind you or you will be very sorry in the coming years.  This is simply a history lesson, not any kind of threat from me.

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Augustine said...

A two tier justice system is the mark of a banana republic. I'd know, for the republic I hail from put the banana on republic.

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