Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The world will become less and less safe for the elite.

The elite think that the world is their playground.  They can sail here, fly there and drive to everywhere else.  At each location they will find a large number of "little people" willing to be their slaves for minimum wage paid out in fake paper money and accompanied at times with Wimpy pension promises.  The elite think they deserve all of this.  After all, they have billions in Mammon Money which they certainly did not earn honestly or morally.  I can say that because you never heard of most of these people.  Their economic value add is no greater than anyone else's.  In fact, the Mexican concrete layer or roofer actually has created more economic value add than most elite.  But somehow the elite have billions and the Mexican worker lives a very modest existence.

Most people are beginning to realize that the playing field is not level and that some people are being rewarded in out outsized fashion for their labor.  But very, very few really understand how it is happening.  They think it is some kind of magic when in fact it is really just magick.  The people labor under a fake money supply.  They accept payment in this fake money.  They hoard this fake money for retirement.  Idiots, all.

If the elite had to pay for their lifestyles in real money, that is gold and silver coins, we would quickly find that the price of elitism skyrockets and as a result the elite would not be able to afford it.  But as long as we let them pay us with fake money, nothing will ever change.

The right thing to do is to simply and in unison abandon this fake money system and demand to be paid in gold and silver.  But since many would have to do it at once in order to effect change, it's unlikely to occur quickly and some people are impatient.

And so I think we are going to see more incidents like the recent kidnapping of F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestones mother in law.  For those who don't get it, F1 is one of the most elite sporting events.  The event itself is not the real show.  What brings the elite to these events is the massive illicit drug trade and child prostitution rings which use the sporting events as cover.  The cars may race by day but many bad things go on in the evenings, all of it supported by local government elite who get a cut of the action.  It truly is organized crime happening right under everyone's nose.  A huge cesspool of immorality and lawlessness covered over by a thin veneer of sporting spectacle.  All major sporting events are the same and the truth of this will be leaked out in the coming years as the money and the power of the elite shrink.

Brazil has not been a safe place for businessmen for a long time but the elite didn't seem to be affected.  Somehow they had a truce with the crime elements down there.  But that looks to be over.  I dare say that Brazil will not be the only place doing these kinds of actions in the future. At some point I expect it to become open season on the elite, themselves turned into a sort of sporting event for the angry herd of Kruger-esque water buffalo.


Augustine said...

No, Brazil hasn't been a safe place for anyone, but it helps when you're filthy rich, live in communities guarded by men bearing weapons that the rest of the populace is practically forbidden to own, and commute by helicopter. The only surprise was that Mrs. Schunck still lived in a part of São Paulo surrounded by gangs.

Augustine said...

Now that Mrs. Schunck has been released, the leader of the gang which kidnapped her has been arrested. He happened to be the former family's private jet pilot, not exactly the typical criminal miscreant.

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