Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something is very wrong with our police forces.

Witness the curious case of Charles Kinsey who was recently shot by the police for no discernible reason.  Mr Kinsey, who by all outward appearances is a good and gentle man and who was completely unarmed at the time, was trying to get a patient of his who is autistic and who had escaped from his care facility, back into the facility.  Apparently the cops showed up and then Kinsey fell to the ground in anticipation of being shot for nothing, raising his hands in the air as you can see below.  Or maybe he was following police orders at the time.  Either way, all I could think of when I saw the video was "Shamu, beached and harmless".

But still the cops shot him in the leg.  The story says, "Kinsey told WSVN he was stunned by the shooting, like when a mosquito bites unexpectedly.  "When he hit me, I'm like, I still got my hands in the air," he said. "I'm like, 'Sir, why did you shoot me?' " Kinsey said he asked the officer.
"He said to me, 'I don't know.'"
If you watch the vid, the cops are only a few feet away.  And they say they thought that the obviously distracted autistic man had a gun and that he might hurt Mr. Kinsey with it.  And so apparently the fucking police closed their eyes, pointed their guns in the general direction of Kinsey and fired at least one round.  It had to be like that because I can't see how a well trained cop could miss a barn door like that from that distance.
Something is going on here that goes deeper than what we are seeing.  As a technology debug expert I know to look for the signs that others just brush off or that they assume must be a coincidence.  This is neither.  The cop actually told the victim that he did not know why he had fired a round.  Of course then the cops went into their usual circle the wagons act and made up a bunch of shit about being scared about a fantasy gun that waaaaaay too often only exists in their minds.
It has to make one wonder what kind of programming is being driven into the heads of these losers.  It's so blatant as to be MK-Ultra in nature.   It doesn't happen just once or twice but over and over and over again even after many stories about the last cop killing are still airing.  I think the correct move here is to have an independent, non government shrink do a psyche eval on Mr. "I Don't Know why I shot you".
The cop in this case didn't even know why he needed to shoot but he was sure enough that the fantasy gun was real that he thought it justified discharging his weapon.  Even more interesting is the fact that these cops seem to have zero fear of discharging their guns in public.  I mean, you would think there would be a big investigation and the cop better have a damned good reason for doing it.  But that has not been the case time and time again.  Cops shoot first and then wonder why they did it later.   Anyone who puts up with this crap from the cops is ridiculous in nature; a total slave.

There is now a petition going around to fire the cops in question as they hide behind the police union.  The cops are lucky that the people there don't just walk in and grab the losers that did it and throw them in jail.  I wonder how long that luck will hold out?  Probably not forever so don't be surprised if you hear of cities and towns in the US in the future where the people rise up and relieve all the police of their guns, their jobs and their freedom.


Augustine said...

Don't be surprised when the other "heroic" class of psychopaths in costumes, the military, comes to your city to quell the popular uprising against their former colleagues too old and fat to spread mayhem around the world.

The Captain said...

That would be a sad, sad day indeed. But if I ever see military called in to police civilians in the US then that to me is a declaration of martial law which is in effect a declaration of war against all free men. The government better be careful about doing that because people like me will not stand for it and I while I am louder than most I do not stand alone. Not by a long shot. If government uses military force to control the US population in defiance of possee comitatus then they risk a civil war. Note that national guard and other military-esque groups like the coast guard are not covered by possee comitatus and therefore they may be deployed without backlash from honest patriots. But if the federal government sends in Army, Air Force or Navy/Marines as a military presence then civil war will have been declared in the eyes of a lot of very heavily armed and dead serious patriots. Oh yeah, fuck you nsa, cia, fbi, m-o-u-s-e. I am no threat to lawful government. But if you want to make it up as you go along then yes, they will be trouble.

Augustine said...

Sorry, but it's already happened. The precedent was set, if not in the letter, but as a matter of fact, in New Orleans and Boston, which were effectively subjected to martial law by the military. As a matter of fact, all of the land is already virtually under martial law when military armed drones are flying over our heads. The time to resist tyranny, preferably peacefully, is not some day, but now.

The Captain said...

Police in military equipment are still police. They went door to door and their shock and awe scared the people into allowing entry into homes for searching. I would not let them in. If they bust the door down illegally, then the shooting starts. I will not put up with illegal attacks on my person by anyone, government is no exception.

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