Thursday, July 28, 2016

Judicial Watch proves that the IRS was indeed targeting conservatives

As if we didn't already know the truth, reports are now out that Judicial Watch has received official communications which clearly show that Corrupt Bitch Lois Lerner's IRS was targeting conservative groups in order to put them at an economic disadvantage relative to liberal groups.  In other words, the corrupt and cowardly government was hiding behind an immoral and illegal implementation of the laws in order to pick winners and losers.  This is what ALWAYS happens when fake money is allowed to reign as it does right now.

This is not a theory but it damned sure was a conspiracy.  From the article: "IRS senior official Nancy Marks, who was appointed to conduct an internal investigation said, "Cincinnati was categorizing cases based on name and ideology, not just activity"".

So the "do as I say and not as I do" double standard sons of bitches are clearly lawless organized crime.  And we are only seeing the tip of the top of the iceberg.  Don't kid yourself, FAR worse things have been happening inside our very corrupt government: theft, kidnapping, murder, torture, pedophilia, you name it.  This is an organized crime ring, period.  And we are going to continue to hear more and more details and we will see more and bigger heads begin to roll in the future not because they want to but rather because they know that they cannot reignite the animal spirits of the herd until the herd begins to have confidence again.  And after you break someone's trust you can't just say I'm sorry.  You have to tell some damning truths and to do some penance to prove your contrition.  I don't make the herd rules but that's basically how they work.  And so that is what I expect we will be seeing more and more of.

So now that we know Lois Lerner knew all about the corruption I suspect we will get the US elections over with and then the new government, be it Hillary or Trump, will probably march Ms. Lerner before congress and compel her to testify and to roll over on her buds.  Yes, Hillary will do it too because she, even more than Trump, would need some way to build confidence in her version of the con game.

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