Monday, July 11, 2016

This is the kind of crap that goes down when the people are disarmed.

Lots of celebrities around the world seem to get miracle transplants just in the nick of time even though their names appear far down on official organ transplant recipient lists.  Remember how Steve Jobs got on not one list but two based on the fact that he had access to a private jet which meant he could quickly go where a liver might suddenly/conveniently show up?  No, you probably don't recall that but I do.  I remember thinking, gee, is his private jet really any faster than a commercial airliner? 

Bottom line is that Jobs was having a very hard time finding a liver and he was getting sicker at an exponential rate when suddenly, magicakally a liver showed up that was just f-ing perfect for him and it extended his life by a very significant 2 years.

All we are told about the source of his new liver was that "On March 21, 2009, a young man in his mid-twenties was killed in a Mid-South car crash, and his organs were made available."
All I can say is how convenient.  Not only in the nick of time but also apparently a perfect match for Mr. Jobs.  What do you think the odds of this happening honestly are?  How about slim to none.
Do I believe this is what really happened?  Well, since everyone is entitled to their opinion, no I don't believe it and I did not believe it at that time.  

Oh I know it sounds very conspiratorial.  But the evidence is leaking out.  And how is it leaking out?  That's right, the US government is doing a tell-all about it.  The US has known about the existence of Chinese organ harvesting for a long time and we would be foolish to think that the US elite don't have their own version of it (perhaps being a major customer of the Chinese system) but now that the global economy is in shambles the organized criminals in governments are beginning to rat each other out in order to try to gain the confidence of their own people.  

I tell you truly, there is nothing that greedy and immoral men would not do to each other in order to attain and keep power and wealth.  This is why the common man must do his part to keep big governments honest and the starting point for ALL of it is to become armed and able to defend oneself should such self defense from anyone, foreign or (more likely) domestic, become necessary.
How many poor, unarmed Chinese people do you think know that their son/daughter was stolen and then used for spare parts or sold into the sex trade for use by the elite?  They are powerless to do anything about it.  You might be rolling your eyes that guns can change any of this but then of course you would be ignoring the facts.  Gun ownership and the belief that every person has the right to self defense from ANY attacker, no matter their title or prestige or money... this is what saved the life of that young man in the link.  This and nothing else.  Guns in the hands of law abiding honest people are the ONLY thing that worry a big government.

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