Thursday, June 29, 2017

An exercise in using your scientific mind.

Most people do not practice self thinking because it takes energy.  Instead we let someone else lead and we herd along.  If you do this for long enough it becomes difficult to think.  That is one of the reasons that I plan to blog until I die.  Blogging makes you consider things past the headlines.

Here is your chance to practice.

I'll state something outlandish.  Normally you would just roll your eyes and claim that it is outlandish simply because you know others would think you are a kook for giving such a thing more than a passing thought and a pooh-pooh or a ridicule.  But the scientific mind approaches things without a predisposed notion of the truth or nontruth of a matter.  The scientific minded person shuts his mouth and opens his senses, eyes and ears and takes in facts, and then weighs the facts and comes up with a conclusion based not on what someone else will think of you but based on the fact.

So the crazy sounding notion is that stock cycles could be somehow tied to sunspots.  Sounds crazy so try reading the facts.  The article was written in Y2K.  Read the whole thing.  I know, it's a long article and your brain has been trained to be lazy by the liberal society which has convinced you to  leaving the thinking to someone else.  But here is your chance to push back against that feeling and to instead give your brain a mental workout.  You will find that mental exercise is no different than the physical kind.  The more you do it the easier it becomes.

If you read that article, then check this out:

What do you think might happen next based on the facts?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Brave Venezeulan police officer drops grenades on their supreme monkey court.

Having apparently lost everything and with nothing left to lose, a Venezuelan police officer bravely stole a helicopter and used it to drop hand grenades onto the criminal elements which have enslaved his country.  Oscar Perez is now the face of the rebel forces in Venezuela's growing civil war.  One man's terrorist is another man's hero.  The difference between which of these names is written into the history books has more to do with who eventually wins the contest than it has to do with anything else.

Venezuela is what happens when socialist governments make too many unkeepable promises to the marginal masses who have been talked into believing that they should be the beneficiaries of someone else's labor, even if that someone else does not agree to it.  Those who can, do.  Those who can't, well, they just vote someone into power to take, at gunpoint if necessary, the productive labor of those who can.

I know it sounds crazy but the US is simply a larger version of Venezuela.  Our debt bomb is unraveling right now.  Look at the BK of Puerto Rico and how the US Virgin Islands are teetering right along with states like Illinois.  Look how the US has been feeding 10s of millions of people on SNAP and other government payouts, all funded with debt.  Look how the debt of the USA has gone exponential and is now unpayable.

But yeah, I know, it could never happen here...

Yellen says no new financial crises will occur, evah.

When I read schlock like this I am honestly torn between thinking that Yellen really is so caught up in the financial euphoria that she cannot see it coming OR that these kinds of statements are elitists warnings that the financial crises will soon be loosed.

On the one hand it really can be difficult to see the forest when you are down in the trees.  But Yellen is supposed to have an eagle's eye view of the global financial situation.  How can someone so credible like Jim Rickards go running around telling anyone who will listen that our fake money system is inherently unstable and that the next financial crisis will require a bail out of central banks
at the same time Yellen is sounding the All Clear?

Well, one of them will be wrong and it continues to be my view that fake money made up of faith based currency and fractional reserve banking (high leverage) is one panic away from complete collapse.  That's because a fake money system is a Ponzi scheme by nature and all Ponzis eventually go bust, no exceptions. 

Rickards' scientific blather about complex systems is all very interesting but a Ponzi scheme is based on the madness of herds and that is the territory of Elliott waves and of nothing else.  That's why he will be the first to tell you that he can know what is going to happen but without any real idea of when. 

When the collapse begins and things begin to seem crazy, just remember that you can gain uncanny insight by subscribing to my service.  Elliott waves make sense and provide the likely way foreward when everything else does not.
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