Thursday, January 18, 2018

In Venezuela, fake money has returned to its actual value.

WaPo disingenuously reports that "In  Venezuela Money Has Stopped Working".  I wish I could just slap the crap out of whoever wrote that turd of a story.  That's like saying capitalism doesn't work which is also a big liberal lie.  Here's the truth folks: Venezuela has not been using real money for a loooooog time.  The Bolivar has been their national CURRENCY but only a damned fool these days does not know the difference between money and currency.  Currency is just fake paper that poses as money.  The only REAL money is gold and silver and everything else IS NOT.

Do you think that Venezuelans who might have moved all their wealth into gold and silver before their hyperinflation (AKA loss of confidence in the issuing authority) began to skyrocket now count themselves among the poor??  Not no but Hell no. Those who understood that fake paper receipts are not money and instead stored their life savings in gold and silver are now RICH by comparison to everyone else.  They still have the ability to either move the Hell out of there OR wait for the collapse to finish and then buy everything in sight for the next up cycle (which will invariably come).  Those with gold and silver have OPTIONS.  They have choices.

Those who stupidly listened to government lies about their currency being "safe and sound" are now penniless paupers.  Those who called the fake paper Bolivar "money" are flaming IDIOTS.   Calling that shit "money" makes it sound like the concept of money is flawed when in fact you have to be using money to even make that statement int he first place.

I have to ask you: do you think the USA is really any different than Venezuela?  Do you think that 20 trillion in exponential debt is sustainable?  Do you think there is any coming back from that?  Any way to pay it off or even to pay it down??  NO!!  The debt will grow larger each year as more and more currency must be printed in order to stem the collapse which is coming no matter what.

Please do yourself a favor and move your entire retirement savings OUT of dollar denominated stocks and into real physical metals.  The stocks will eventually collapse to nothing because they too are just another form of fiat currency.  But physical metals in your hands will ALWAYS be money because they have always been money on every continent, independently, everywhere.

Another useless government bloat agency is being wound down.

The LA Times reports that the current head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for zero funding for the current calendar year.  What does the CFPB do?  Who in the fuck knows??  Not much I suspect despite a budget that is large enough for it to still have $140 million in its account from past operation.

The writing is on the wall as Mulvaney bleeds the cash out of this pig.  The next move will be to shut it down for good.  All this is happening to the cries of big government lovers who would like to imply that the consumer will actually be losing something with the shutdown of this useless sandbox for academics and con men.

The marginal players in any show get hurt the first and the worst.  Mulvaney just outed the CFSB as a "red shirt" (see reference from Galaxy Quest...) whose motto used to be "never give up, never surrender".  In the future they won't have a motto because the organization and many other hundreds of useless tax sucking government blow job organizations will be defunct.

Not because they want to but rather because there is rapidly going to be no other choice.  When morons outside the USA stop loaning us money for free, the US is going to be in real trouble.

Porn is coming into the sights of ever more conservative leaning government

Back in August of 2015 I postulated that part of the return swing toward conservatism (which is in fact what made America great in the first place) would include the downfall of easy porn.  The thinking was that if porn made its big upswing during the liberal years then the new conservative lean was going to reverse much of it.

Today we see the ways that such a reversal might happen as Florida considers labeling porn a "health risk".  They go on to reference "studies" and "research" which of course they paid for and are thus not worth the paper they are written on.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the porn industry but this kind of demonization is just more big government crap. People should not allow government to try to be this kind of moral leader because government is amoral by nature and all of this is just another control mechanism.  The herd will shy away from porn on its own as women of today begin to act less like liberal divas and more like the adoring housewife of yesteryear. 

Yes, that's right.  I said it.  If (primarily) men are attracted to porn its because their wife has not cared about staying attractive to them.  Sure, there are men whose sexual appetites cannot be sated by any one woman but this is far from the norm.  Most guys just want a reasonably attractive woman who will stand by his side, and please don't shoot the messenger, a step and a half behind. In other words, she will recognize him as the leader of the household and not try to fight him on every battle front, instead following his lead and helping him to be a success for Team Marriage.

I know this sounds like heresy to many people right now because of all the women's lib noise of the past 50 years but such arrangements were THE NORM for the 10000 years preceding so its really not so much of a stretch to think that they will be seen again.  When the woman of the house stops trying to act like the man of the house we will be one step closer to the natural downfall of porn simply due to the lack of demand.  Where did all this demand come from anyway?  Anyone ever stop to consider that?

In any case it matters not what you or I think.  The herd is now making an obvious decision to wax conservative so expect to see more and more signs like those mentioned in this post.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Interesting video

I don't watch much Greg Hunter to be sure but the title of this vid caught my attention and when I begin listening to the things said by his guest in the vid I could quickly see that they aligned with my long standing model that peak and then declining liberalism will bring with it peak and the declining elitism.  The elite will begin to see the skeletons falling out of their closets and once it begins it will turn from a dripping faucet into a small stream and then a fast river and finally into a tidal movement at exponential speed, exactly like the collapse of the Hollywood sexual predators, etc.  That whole event was a microcosm of what is coming to many players in the liberal military industrial complex.

The IG report mentioned in the vid is important because it will have many names and facts in it and the Trey Gowdys of the world will search through it, create a chain of corrupt actors that lead to Hillary, Bill, Bush 2, and many other corrupt players and then they will start going after the weaker links in the chain to get them to turn state's evidence on those above them.  Seeing that the elite protection umbrella that used to exist to protect criminals from this kind of investigation have collapsed, the lower level criminals will spill their guts in exchange for leniency.  I know this is going to happen because this is the way all criminal organizations eventually peak and then collapse and big government is nothing more than a criminal organization.

Yes I know, it's all laughable.  In most people's minds, the elite are untouchable, the deck is stacked the table is rigged, etc.  It all looks so unassailable to people with weak minds and no understanding of the nature of money, the existence of cycles, and many other things that contribute to  the big picture that is so clear to me.  What we are seeing is the wizard of Oz - a scary show full of bluster and, yes, of some power when focused on a few targets at a time.  But when the people rise up like the African buffalo at the Battle of Kruger then the curtain is pulled back and there we find a weak old man fiddling with knobs and talking through a fake amplified voice.  And that's when hands are laid upon him, he is dragged into the street and then shot in the face.

All metaphorically speaking of course.  At least for now.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hysterical to watch liberals realize that the cops are actually a criminal organization.

Look at the shock on their naive little mugs as their trusted servant, a corrupt cop, pronounces them to be high on weed while driving based on some bullshit backyard evaluation training he got. 


This is when liberals will begin to wake up about the fact that the cops are really just a revenue generation tool and they are in cahoots with the defense and the prosecutor.  Look at how the black girl's atty suggested she take "the deal" even though there was NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of her having smoked pot  This is just gross.  That cop should be kicked off the force but instead he gets awards based on the large amount of justice, errr, I mean revenue he is responsible for.


[GE] now in fear of breakup...

Today the news is buzzing on yet another "unexpected" hit to GE shares on the heels of an admission of an 11 billion dollar financial hit.  Read the news if you like, or simply go back in my blog and look at the future predictions that GE would eventually BK or be broken up.  For example, here is a post that clearly stated my position long before the shares showed any signal of collapse.  The chart model I provided back then is shown below.

The bounce from black 3 turned out to go a bit higher into the $32 range as an expanding wedge before black 4 completed.  Black 5 is now in progress.

GE was a debt Ponzi that is now in collapse.
The global stock markets are all debt fueled Ponzis that will also likely collapse.
All fiat currencies are debt ponzis (trust ponzis) that will also all eventually collapse.

Catholic church sends out the big gun to do the open Mea Culpa for years of sex abuse by priests.

For many decades, the sheeple who have been attending Catholic churches have silently been suffering as priests, who are after all just men and not gods, have been using their position to sexually abuse their flock.  Well, give a man absolute power and what the Hell do you expect?

In any case, the sheeple down in Chile finally decided to wake up and take matters into their own hands by, get this, burning down the churches where certain priests were known to be engaged in this type of sexual predation.

Because the herd has now shown the lions that the herd has real horns and has become unafraid to use them (which is the only remedy for the problem of elitism gone wild), the Pope himself had to show up and do the big teary eyed mea culpa on behalf of his corrupt sex addict priests.  Yep, the pontiff of damage control himself had to turn on the fake tears as he apologized for the actions of his subordinates.

Why is all this happening?  Why now?  Well, I've told it and told it and told it but some people are very slow on the uptake.  So I'll tell it again: peak liberalism is upon us and conservationism is coming back into vogue.  Conservatives own up to their mistakes whereas liberals are surprised that they are no longer able to get away with whatever they want.  The herd is watching now and the herd is beginning to go around all existing forms of justice and instead taking matters into its own hands.  Why?  Because there is no justice save that which you get your own little hands dirty to extract from the bad guys.

Screw the government.  Screw the politicians.  Screw the cops.  If someone is using their position as teacher, religious leader, scout leader, day care center administrator to abuse your children, TAKE IT UP WITH THEM DIRECTLY and with extreme prejudice.  The fact that the cops, the politicians and others in the existing justice system have not dealt with this means they are all corrupt and dirty as well.  Sooner or later we will have to take out all the trash.  Get ready folks because its coming.
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