Saturday, March 17, 2018

More on Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb's PA victory is being cited as a reference in the "Democrat's civil war".  I just think that these headlines are amazing because they completely confirm my long term predictions that:

- liberalism has peaked and the new winners will lean more conservative (and then in some years to come, TOO damned "conservative").

- infighting will escalate as a smaller and smaller pie of corruption is available to be shared by the organized criminal cartel known as big government.  This is mob bosses fighting internally because Mark and Patsy have finally woken up and are no longer watching like cows at a passing train.  Instead they are as wolves staring intently for weakness and the presence of fresh meat.

The article states about Lamb, "The 33-year-old Marine veteran opposed abortion (while backing abortion rights), described a $15 minimum wage as “high” and ran an ad showing him taking target practice with a machine gun — none of which sit well with the ascendant Democratic base.".

As I have always said, it is NOT about political party affiliation.  There are massive numbers of crazy liberals in the GOP who never found a war they don't like (liberal notion) and who think more debt is the solution to everything (wildly liberal notion).  BOTH parties have been massively liberal leaning for decades.  What we are going to see now is  the race to conservatism.  Dem and GOP will now resort to one-ups-manship about who is more conservative.  When you see these people moving right, just remember what I have always said: true conservatives do not ebb and flow with the tide.  They don't care what others think.  They have their well established principals and morals and they don't swing back and forth.  Ron Paul was/is the consulate conservative.  He ticks off all the boxes.  Conservative views on sound money, on not taking on debt, on limited government (meaning maximum power left to individuals to manage their own lives and to seek happiness and prosperity in their own ways).  He never swayed, waffled or changed.

But most politicians are liberals because government is a parasitic function.  So most of them will behave in a liberal fashion and that is why both dem and GOP are moving right.  Not because that is their real value base but rather because no successful politicians needs a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.

Again, I congratulate Conor for his win.  Other dems will be looking at this centrist success and it will cause more and more of them to defect from the dying liberal party message.  They will increasingly begin to define their own brand of centrism despite increasingly loud calls from the central democrat partly leadership not to retreat from the failing party line.

It's getting ugly in government

Well the expected infighting is escalating with the recent firing of Andrew McCabe.  Others in corrupt liberal government have gotten removed from their positions before him.  Take that corrupt bitch Lois Lerner who clearly oversaw a policy of bias against conservatives during her tenure at the IRS.  I mean, it was more than obvious.  And for her to sit up there and take the 5th during congressional inquiry spoke volumes about her corruption.  But did she get fired?  Not really.  She definitely had no choice but to leave her position but she simply retired into a lifetime benefit of the federal pension system.  More on this later but back to McCabe for a minute.  He was accused of various forms of corruption and he was only "days" before being eligible for that cushy lifetime ripoff of the American public called the federal pension.  But instead of being allowed to jump off the stage using his expected golden parachute retirement program, McCabe was fired with cause thus putting his entire retirement in jeopardy.

If there are two things that the career liberal elitist government conspirator fears it is prison and the elimination of their lifetime pension benefits.  They will put up with ANYTHING for the liberal team without complaint: public shaming, you name it.  But if these two punishments are on the table then watch out because Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned.  They do not want to be thrown under the bus like this because it represents a path of nonrecovery for them.  So when faced with these two things you can bet that a lot of people who know where a lot of skeletons are buried will be highly motivated to start talking in exchange for better treatment.

As I have stated many times, those who are taken down first in the criminal enterprise collapse generally get off easier.  They benefit from the fact that the norm had been for so many years that made men (and women) never got in trouble for anything personally.  It was always the organization that would bear the impact.  But as time went on, the individuals would take more and more of the deserved punishment directly.  United We Stand breaks down and turns into Every Man For Himself.  With the firing of McCabe we are entering the phase where big made men in government are now at major risk of having to pay for their past sins personally instead of being shielded by the organization.  This is not happening "just because".  It is a direct result of the conservative wind that has been blowing and that is picking up speed in the final days of the Global Debt Ponzi.

Every time you read "GDP" in the news, you should not be thinking Global Domestic Product because the real meaning of that acronym is Global Debt Ponzi and those running this shit show know damned well.

One final word about Lerner.  So far she thinks she got away with her crimes and her treasonous behavior as she is now receiving her federal pension.  But if I were her I would be looking for property in a non-extradition country because I think the people are not done with her yet.  I think charges will be forthcoming based on new evidence from some liberal criminal who got caught hands in the cookie jar and they will sing like a canary about her crimes.  This is the way all big criminal organizations eventually meet their downfall and so I believe the model will hold this time as well.

Does SNL discriminate against gay men??

Long ago I predicted that the end days of the global debt Ponzi would be characterized by broad based infighting.  Well, everywhere I turn I see nothing but infighting.  Everyone hates everyone, even people who they have never met and who have never done them any wrong.  The world is full of imagined insults that have no basis in reality.  Satan would be so proud of the effects that his Mammon money, which is teetering on the brink globally, is having on we weak and foolish humans.

The infighting is not just between left and right.  Look at the constant turmoil in Trump's White house.  There is someone fired and walked out of Trumps advisory circle nearly every week these days.  It used to be a big deal if one major advisor was pushed out PER TERM.  Now it happens several times per month.  And the left is beginning to show more signs of its internal schisms as well.  You would think that no liberal could ever complain about the liberals at Saturday Night Live, AKA Hate Trump Central.  But recent stories show us that this is not so as SNL is accused of bias based on sexual orientation of gay males.

If you read the story, essentially a gay male comedian has interviewed there several times without being offered a job.  It is a liberal trait to blame others for your shortcomings and thus in these cases the liberal will not look inward to determine what might be lacking.  Nope. It can't be my fault, they think, because I have judged myself to be exceptional.   Instead, the other guy must be at fault.  And so then the liberal reviews his list of negative terms and brands those who don't appreciate their particular talents with some kind of negative label such as homophobic, bigot, etc.  Do they ever consider that they might just suck at what they do or that their skills are simply not viewed as being a good match for the broader team/theme?  Of course not.  It's much easier to just play the guilt shame card to try to get special treatment.  "Hey everyone, we should all be upset at SNL!  Let's boycott the show until SNL buckles to our whims!"

Well, everyone has the right to boycott anything for any reason but those kinds of control games never really work unless there is a true issue of morality in play (which is certainly not the case in SNL's hiring practices).  At the end of the day, guilt shaming is just another liberal tactic whose goal is to manipulate someone else into giving something for nothing.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This is the outcome that Germany's liberal Merkel hath brought down upon her gullible followers.

Things are not right in Europe.  The migrant crisis is finally coming to a head in which the politicians are beginning to admit to themselves that they unleashed a plague upon their own land.  They did this by convincing their gullible followers that it would be "mean" not to allow the importation of radicalized migrants into their countries en masse.  The local EU people had pretty good lives and enough debt fueled prosperity that they forgot that debt prosperity is cyclic and when the cycle turns down the lower classes can always be counted upon to be angry about their collapsing prosperity.

Merkel and other liberal European traitors did this because they sought to lock in their "leadership" for life.  Let in a bunch of poor and starving people, they thought, and it will be that many more clamoring for a free lunch from government.  It was expected that those who had generously thrown open the gates to the kingdom would be loved by the immigrants for doing so.  Additionally, the European elite's experience had been that people in this condition were easy to divide and control.  Why?  Because white Europeans always had hope.  Because of this, they respect life.

Merkel's miscalculation was to equate middle east poverty class with European poverty class when in fact they are not the same at all.  It's like comparing regular honey bees to Africanized killer bees.  Look at the wording used there by science in naming that species of bee.  Africanized.  Killer.  Bees.  Why not just Killer Bees?  Why add the "Africanized" part?  Folks, only the feeble minded will not see and say that it was done to highlight that tough conditions in Africa created a genetically strong and aggressive species whose DNA is present in the modern day Africanized Killer Bee.   Merkel and her liberal sycophants thought they were importing worker bees.  What they imported was killer bees.
Because of a long history of hard life in their region, the middle eastern slave class person does not have hope and thus does not value life.  They have had to fight, fight, fight all of their history.  This is now inbred into them, living just below the surface at all times.  You cannot get rid of it simply by providing a slightly better living.  They will take what you give and then they will demand more.  Each time you give them something it is not viewed a kindness but as a weakness.  This trait is in all of humanity but it is amplified in the middle eastern slave class. 

Now here is where the foolish liberal who has given up the power of individual thought and analysis will be all upset. These people have outsourced their deductive reasoning to others who in turn use it against them like a blunt weapon.  Don't speak the truth, they say, because it makes you a racist (or some other bullshit label that attempts to put the thinking man into a defensive posture).  They also attempt to punish by censoring or by cutting off ad based revenues.  I completely avoided all these attack vectors by vowing from the start that I will never have ads on this blog.  I work a real job where I am highly compensated.  I don't need social largess.  As a result I not beholden to it.

So hear me well: what I have stated above are not racist comments but rather simple scientific observation of the facts and lack of fear to tell it like it is.  I do not allow peer pressure or herd think to control me.  Consider this: at the other extreme, for example, is the Chinese slave class.  Whereas the middle eastern slave class is inherently angry and unsatisfied and likely to revolt easily, the Chinese slave class is long on patience and calm, even when treated harshly and unfairly as the US did when using them to build our railroads.  There is simply a Gaussian distribution for these traits; some are more aggressive by nature than others.  Had Merkel imported Chinese NONE of these problems would be present.  That's just the way it is.

The middle eastern slave class ushered in by Merkel and the EU liberals do not see her and her kind as their savior.  They see her as just another master and they are not fond of serving any master.  They have forgotten what it is like to earn your freedom.  All they know is that they need to fight for their freedom.  Sooner or later Germany is going to either collapse under the pressure of this new threat or it will begin a campaign of reversing the damage that Merkel has done.  Open arms will turn into arms carrying swords and shields.  Soon enough Merkel will fall and someone far less liberal, or tolerant of middle eastern social unrest, will take the helm.  That's when the real problems will arrive.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The sanity is slowly returning.

Wyoming joins a growing list of states to officially recognize gold as money.  In the past, many states would tax the sales of gold as if it were a commodity like oil or copper.  When commodities are sold, sales tax is applied.  But if you go into a bank and exchange one kind of money for another, there is no tax applied.  Breaking a $100 bill, for example, into 5 twenties does not incur sales tax.  And because gold is not only money, but the soundest money in the world, it only makes sense that trading between dollars and gold not incur tax.

Another indicator of whether gold is being treated as a commodity or not is whether the con men try to assess capital gains taxes on the inflation gains.  The article says, "While Wyoming does not currently have an income tax, the bill stipulates “the purchase, sale or exchange of any type or form of specie or specie legal tender shall not give rise to any tax liability of any kind.” That means no income tax, property tax, sales tax or any other Wyoming tax can be assessed against the monetary metals."

So Wyoming is clearly saying that gold is money, a parallel currency to the dollar.  It is only up for the free market to build a modern day exchange system like bitgold or other pay in gold facilitators to take advantage of this.  These laws essentially remove any question of criminality of exchanging between paper currency and metal money.  They eliminate all monitoring and reporting requirements.  It is essentially the states in question getting ready for the day when people realize that paper money was never anything more than a fraudulent elitist scam.  When that day comes, it will likely play out rapidly leaving as many as possible trapped in the fake paper currency as possible.

Rise of the conservative Democrat??

Well I have been saying for a long time that democrats were going to swing conservative but here is the first headline I have seen to that effect over on DrudgeReport today.  No sooner than he had won Pennsylvania, Connor Lamb began publically calling for the replacement of the top con men on either side of the aisle, namely Pelosi and Ryan.  This is not normal!  Normally a candidate would owe so much to the incestuous system that they cannot come out and say these kinds of obvious truths.  But, as I predicted would come about, money is not winning elections anymore.  Ideas are.  After being tricked time and again to vote for promises of more free money by those who cannot possibly deliver on that promise, the herd is now demanding better candidates on both sides.  Less greasy con men, more people who actually want to serve and make things better.

I've never been a big Trump fan even though I strongly predicted he would win over criminal Hillary.  He was just less evil than she is.  In general I think party politics is dying fast.  The decades of technology growth without any real improvement in the standard of living of the rank and file is catching up with the con men running this show.  We did all the work but they have received all the benefit.

I personally do not care if a person in office is dem or gop.  I just want whoever is in the role to embrace the honest conservative values of individualism over herd think, fairness, honesty, transparency, the move to become debt free and to use honest money instead of the fake dollar (AKA production and savings before consumption), the right to manage my own life and my own affairs, including that of managing my own personal security which necessitates firearm ownership and other libertarian beliefs/demands.

In a recent CNN piece, Connor Lamb was quoted on some of the issues:

Health care: Lamb criticized the GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare and called for bipartisan efforts to stabilize its markets. "I'll work with anyone from either party who wants to help people with pre-existing conditions, improve the quality of care, and reduce premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and prescription drug prices," he says on his campaign website.
    Taxes: He called the GOP tax bill a "giveaway" to wealthy Americans and said he supports cuts for the middle class. "We didn't need to add a penny to our debt to have the tax cut for our working and middle-class people," Lamb said in a debate.

    Gun control: He's called for a stronger system of background checks but no new gun restrictions. "I believe we have a pretty good law on the books and it says on paper that there are a lot of people who should never get guns in their hands," Lamb said.

    Tariffs: He supports President Donald Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, saying at a debate that "we have to take some action to level the playing field."

    Abortion: Lamb personally opposes abortion but backs the Supreme Court's decision legalizing it. "Once you make something a right, it's a right. And it's like that for a reason," he told HuffPost. Lamb told the Weekly Standard he doesn't support a ban on abortion at 20 weeks.

    This guy seems quite centrist and sane to me.  He is clearly not just another liberal attack dog.

    Congrats to Connor Lamb and good luck in draining the swamp be the snake GOP or dem.  We all know that the dems did not create all these problems on their own.  It was liberalism painted liberally across BOTH political parties that got us in the mess we are in.  In the not too distant future we will see conservatism fixing many of these broken things but unless we want to remain in a pendulum swinging too far left and then too far right we need to get rid of the fake money and reset the global monetary system.  A massive controlled shock now will be far better than a massive uncontrolled collapse later.
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