Sunday, April 30, 2017

Coke sales plummet in Philly

Here's the article but long story short is that desperate Philly government decided to "sin tax" sodas in the belief that people are a bottomless pit of wealth who can and will absorb any new tax rather than to cut back on their supposed addictions.  In the case of Philly it was a 50% "fuck you" tax on soft drinks.  Why they chose to target that industry so strongly is anyone's guess but it probably is an attempt to socially engineer the population.  Of course, nobody gives a thought to the loss of jobs and corporate taxes this will result in...

Expect to see greedy, corrupt, bankrupt governments try to grab more and more of your cash through crap like this.  They really only have 2 choices in the matter.  Just admit that the debt Ponzi is now in the collapse stage or get even more creative trying to keep the Ponzi plate spinning as long as possible.  Of course they will hide the truth as long as possible and tell us how all this corruption is being done for our betterment but at some point they will drop the pretense simply because it won't pay to try to put on pretense anymore.

Look for these signs to grow larger and closer together.  An economic earthquake is coming.  Jim Rickard has it right.   The first bailouts bailed out hedge funds like LTCM.  The second one bailed out the banks.  The next one will have to bail out central banks including the fed.  Maybe they can continue the con using IMF special drawing rights (SDRs).  But that would just be the papering over of an already rotten system, not a fix.  There is no fix.  There is only the great reset and its coming regardless of who gets elected president or prime minister or central bank chief.  No con ever ran forever and no it won't be different this time.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jim Rickards lays it all out for us

Jim Rickards has been putting out new video interviews at a feverish rate lately because he senses that the global debt Ponzi is on its final legs.  Here is a recent video which I think is a must watch because it touches on so many of the things I have been writing about since 2010.  Rick`ards is obviously a genius level guy.  You don't have to know his extensive history in finance and government consultation to understand this fact.  Just look at the ease and fluidity that he explains what he wants to say.  The words are forming in his mind just as fast as he can say them and each word is well chosen to relay his point.  He is never confused or at a loss for something correct and intelligent to say. The guy is a stream of conscious, aware and informed intelligence.

He touches on all of the following points in some form or fashion which I have been writing about for years:

  • Nothing has been fixed in the global economic system since 2008.  The fed touted itself as a shock absorber but the last shock in 2008 was so great that in the subsequent 9 years it has not been able to rebound or recover any of its capacity to absorb new shock.  The next shock will bring down the fed.
  • Rickards' "Ice 9" prediction is essentially the equivalent of a pyramid scheme or domino collapse.  One structural element collapses thus straining the next element in the chain until it too collapses and adds its weight to the collapse of the next element.
  • Look how many times Rickards refers to the importance of confidence in the continuation of (and of the subsequent recovery from collapse of) the debt Ponzi.  That's because the fake money system is a con game and every con game needs confidence of the Marks and Patsies in order to continue running.
  • Predicting the eventual collapse of the scam is "easy".  Timing is the question but timing is not if.  Timing is just a question of when.  Rickards' thinks 2018 is a good candidate.  For several reasons in the past I have also pointed to late 2017 and into 2018 as the timing for this.  Remember, Rickards thinks that this will be a planned collapse so that it can be controlled by the elite.  Planning is nothing if not communicated to those with eyes to see.
  • Quadrillion in derivatives will certainly end badly.  The amounts are so large that they are existential to the system and perhaps even to our very society.
  • Insider trading prior to 911 shows prior knowledge and implies inside job.  Are you shocked that people like Rickards are now talking about this as if it were obvious?  If so, were you laughing at me and rolling your eyes like so many did to my face when I began writing about it long before it became safe to do so?  Are you still so cock sure of your position now??  Also, note where his new info came from  - people who were crying about how they knew things and did not say before but now want to clear their conscience.  These people are seeing signs that the old guard is not as strong as before and thus less chance they will wake up dead one day for talking about it.  There are a lot of people out there who know a lot of things who have been bribed with mammon money or threatened with bodily harm of them and theirs if they say anything.  This fear is high with many people during the liberal lean but conservatives will not be so easily pushed around or intimidated.  I certainly have not been and cannot be.  Anyone who crosses my personal line of sovereignty will learn that I do not plan to discuss it.  There is no discussion once the line is crossed.  Discussion at that point is simply a request to be disarmed.  Crossing the line of tyranny is a declaration of war on me and I am not afraid to defend myself against that kind of aggression.  This is not radical thinking.  This is my right as a US citizen.  Anyone who does not think this way is a complicit fool or a coward or both.
  • The coming collapse will revalue gold and silver in dollar terms.  Rickards could do a better job of explaining this than he did in his vid but I have been clear about it.  The parasites at the top need the cooperation of the herd (they need our labor to be exact) more than the herd needs their leadership.  If the herd loses confidence in their leadership, the elite end up with their heads on stakes on main street.  So when the confidence is lost there must be a way to restore it.  Rickards says that he doesn't think global guarantees will do it this time (and neither do I).  It will take something real and tangible to restore faith in the monetary system and the historical way to do this is via the use of gold and silver.
  • Don't accept paper promises of gold or silver ownership, in a crisis they won't be worth the paper they are written on.
  • The cops are steroid pumped idiots of the system.  Yeah that's right, he said steroids just like I have been saying for a long time now.  Its sounded ridiculously conspiratorial coming from me.  Does it still sound so ridiculous?  If so, time to open your eyes because you are late to the wake up.
  • Owning gold and silver is not risky.   The risk is not owning it when the inevitable collapse of this corrupt mammon money shit show arrives.  When it does arrive, it will do so quickly.  There will be no time to prepare; the time to prepare is now.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ad on Yahoo Finance takes a cheap shot at Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook got caught up in the "I'm gay and proud" movement a few years ago, coming out of the closet around the same time as some other famous people and sports figures.  Obviously the peak in liberalism got him to forget that he is the CEO of a flagship US company first and a gay man second because there really is no room in the office of CEO for discussions of sexual orientation, gay or otherwise.  That is a political topic best left out of business.

At the time nobody took any shots at him for this (except me of course).  But I'm starting to see that break down even though AAPL stock is still on a wild tear.  Check out the ad below from Yahoo finance:  "This tiny tech stock has ... Tim Cook scared straight"?   Ummmm, really?

Scared straight can refer to someone correcting one's ill ways after being exposed to the penalties if caught.  So unless the ad thinks Cook is a crook then it should have said scared stiff or scared to death, etc.  But "scared straight" does not apply unless it is a low blow to his self proclaimed gay lifestyle.

I know it is a small thing to most people but it is not a small thing when you are one of the most powerful men in the business world and this kind of thing is put in large sponsored print on a popular web page like Yahoo.  It's like seeing a big middle finger with your name on it.  I don't buy that it is a mistake either although if someone called the sponsor on it they would probably claim it was a brain fart.  The one thing that elite cannot handle is for people to mock them and someone is mocking Tim Cook with this ad.
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