Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ad on Yahoo Finance takes a cheap shot at Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook got caught up in the "I'm gay and proud" movement a few years ago, coming out of the closet around the same time as some other famous people and sports figures.  Obviously the peak in liberalism got him to forget that he is the CEO of a flagship US company first and a gay man second because there really is no room in the office of CEO for discussions of sexual orientation, gay or otherwise.  That is a political topic best left out of business.

At the time nobody took any shots at him for this (except me of course).  But I'm starting to see that break down even though AAPL stock is still on a wild tear.  Check out the ad below from Yahoo finance:  "This tiny tech stock has ... Tim Cook scared straight"?   Ummmm, really?

Scared straight can refer to someone correcting one's ill ways after being exposed to the penalties if caught.  So unless the ad thinks Cook is a crook then it should have said scared stiff or scared to death, etc.  But "scared straight" does not apply unless it is a low blow to his self proclaimed gay lifestyle.

I know it is a small thing to most people but it is not a small thing when you are one of the most powerful men in the business world and this kind of thing is put in large sponsored print on a popular web page like Yahoo.  It's like seeing a big middle finger with your name on it.  I don't buy that it is a mistake either although if someone called the sponsor on it they would probably claim it was a brain fart.  The one thing that elite cannot handle is for people to mock them and someone is mocking Tim Cook with this ad.

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