Thursday, April 6, 2017

Chicago cops get a wake up call

Back in August of 2016 I commented on the ridiculously overt and completely corrupt act of the murder of one Laquan McDonald in the streets of Chicago by Chicago police.  The gist of the post was that a message must be sent to the police in order to remind them that they are not our masters, they are our paid employees.
It was recently reported outside of the main stream media that for the first time in history a corrupt, murderous Chicago cop, Jason Van Dyke, has been formally charged with murder and that each additional shot he took as his bullets followed the dead man down onto the ground has also resulted in additional criminal charges.  This is all playing out like I predicted it would in these pages many years ago.  As the herd gets less and less blinded by the fake money which has been drugging the population we are going to see the police state reverse itself.  Not because they want to but because once the public is awake and fighting back, the LEOs who prey upon the weak have no chance.  Just as happened at the Battle of Kruger, the asshole attackers of the herd are sent packing just as soon as the herd collectively decided that enough was too much.

This might be a single case but its effects will be wide ranging.  The protective umbrella that corrupt cops used to be able to count on to shield them from justice has collapsed.  Those at the top know they are being watched and they are not going to risk themselves for their minions.  So those that mess up and get caught on camera will now be going under the bus.  And the use of cameras is multiplying.  We are now at the stage the odds of someone recording your activities if you are outdoors is quite high.  And if you are a cop it it almost certain that someone is recording you whether you know it or not.

The winds of change are blowing the liberal abuses right out of town.

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