Thursday, August 18, 2016

To the police black lives (or any lives) don't matter but their cushy overpaid jobs do.

Last year a young, unarmed black man named Laquan McDonald was shot down in the streets of Chicago by a city cop gone wild. The murderous cop that did the deed, Jason VanDyke, shot McDonald 16 times from point blank range.  McDonald crumpled to the ground and the fucking asshole cop just kept unloading his clip on the already dead body.

For a year now the cops have stonewalled hoping that the herd would forget about this so that the lies about it being a case of the cop defending himself would be the final words written in the official ledger thus letting the police get back to their daily duties of bullying the public and always with the credible threat of the use of deadly force to boot.  But the herd did not forgive or forget and the cops have since admitted that video evidence shows that McDonald did not have a weapon nor did he threaten any cop.  Maybe he said something smart ass.  We'll never know because 16 bullets ended his life on the spot.

But the new conservative wave is now in control and so the cops are no longer able to hide and lie forever.  As a result, the city of Chicago is now recommending that seven, count them, seven lying mother fucking cops who corroborated VanDyke-the-murderer's story for him will all now be fired for turning in false reports.

First off, this does not happen very often at all and so when it does it will send a BIG message to cops everywhere: be careful about lying for your thin blue line buddies when they break the law because their crime can now bring you down.  This is going to make the very crooked cops more careful and the complicit/peer pressured cops who would be asked to lie for them much less likely to agree going forward.  This is proof that the city will now throw you under the bus instead of conveniently losing all the evidence as has been past policy for police crimes.

But second, I have to ask how simply being fired is enough punishment for trying to cover up a murder.  All seven of those corrupt cops should be facing perjury charges along with being accomplices to murder.  There is no way I would just get off with being fired from my corporate job had I gotten caught lying like this.  I would be slapped in irons and taken to jail.  Period.  So we should not let cops have a double standard here else it makes them super citizens and everyone else is something less.  We need to send the message to police that the people are actually the boss and the cops are our employees.  They need our approval a lot more than we need theirs.

This is not my fight because its not my family but if it were my family then the DA would be under immense and constant pressure to bring criminal charges against those lying cops.

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