Friday, August 5, 2016

Bitcoin is a total scam.

A bitcoin exchange trading out of Hong Kong was hacked and according to their reports, $68mn in bitcoins were stolen.  In response, they want to generously "share" the losses with all the users.  What kind of a shitty, shady deal is that?

If you store your money in a bank and the bank is robbed, the bank is covered by insurance and you lose nothing.  But in the new world of even faker money if someone breaks through the exchanges cyberwall and then ransacks the place, the idiot morons using the faker money take the loss.  Who is to say that the exchange was even hacked???  Take their word for it??  If so, that is just too gullible.  How do you know it wasn't an inside job?

This cannot happen when using real money but many are not happy with the security of gold and silver coins and so this is what they get.  They asked for it, they got it.

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