Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ABC news: Clinton Foundation selling government access to "donors"

ABC news, which I would not consider right leaning, is reporting that "Government email traffic and internal call logs made public ... this week offer more evidence that donors to the Clinton Foundation sought and at times received special favors and access to the State Department."

Hmm.  Sought access?  Received special favors?  Call me unconventional but isn't this just thinly veiled wordsmanship for bribery of a public official?  I think even Hillary lovers have to be getting the message that the queen bitch has been selling out the United States for her own personal gain for quite some time now.   At this point she simply thinks she deserves it somehow.

It always makes me wonder how organized crime syndicates form and how those at the top are able to build a pyramid of well greased underlings to conspire with.  I will be zero surprised to find out that some if not all of the deaths that have followed in the wake of bill and hillary clinton turn out to be hits ordered by these two mafioso crime figures.  Both should be tried and jailed for high crimes against the people.

Mark my words: sooner or later some skeleton is going to fall out of the sky and land right on Hillary Clinton and she will be a major casualty of the pendulum swing away from oppressive liberalism.

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