Thursday, August 4, 2016

Clint Eastwood might have played the part of cowboy but he's still part of the herd.

Per this article today, Clint Eastwood proves that he is just as affected by societal swings as everyone else.  What does Clint like about Trump?  Well, there really is not much to like IMO but what little Trump has is clearly something that the herd wants badly these days which is leadership that departs from the control mechanism called political correctness.

Under the guise of words like inclusion and safety, the elite have been steadily ramping up their control mechanism.  If you say or do anything outside of these boundaries, the political correctness police will chastise you publicly or even have your job in revenge.  Most people don't see it happening, how it changes everyone from being independent thinkers and actors into docile sheeple following every stupid edict from a bunch of people who are corrupt to the core and who are gaming the system for ever nickel they can.

The result of this crap is obvious: those who are making these rules and running the show keep getting richer and richer despite having done nothing of economic merit in order to receive that wealth.  Folks, wealth does not appear magically!  It has to be created.  And so if someone ends up with most of it and you end up with little of it despite the fact that you work just as hard, just as many hours as the rich guy, then the ONLY way the rich guy could get rich was by either stealing your wealth from you OR more likely, tricking you out of with with what Aleister Crowley called "Magick".  Magick is essentially mind control of the easily confused if you haven't already figured it out.  Magick is taking advantage of the herding nature and the human nature of people and using it against them as a weapon of gain.  Gain control, gain power, gain profit.

Magick doesn't work forever.  It is, like every Jedi mind trick, a short term thing only.  Pet the crocodile's head a few time and you can stick your arm in its mouth to show how you have control over the beast.  Control, that is, until the croc unexpectedly wake up in the middle of the show, chomps down on your arm and twists it off.  When the big cats on the plains snarl and bare their teeth the water buffalo run away in fear.  That is until they don't.  Until they realize that the lions are basically fur rugs that can be stomped and gored into lifelessness at the very whim of the herd.

I've posted many times that the credit deflation will claim fake political correctness as a victim in many posts like this one which was done way back in 2010.  Nothing I said there has changed in any way.  In fact, the rise of a loudmouth ass like Trump shows an exponential decline in society's tolerance for, well, tolerance.

Folks if we think it is bad in the US then just wait until our entire debt bomb explodes.  Anyone who thinks that exponentially rising debt, which is exactly what we have all over the world, is some kind of sustainable strategy is a blithering idiot.  Sooner or later the people will give up confidence in the leaders and in the very system.  When that happens, and it will happen at some point in the next few years, the idiots who supported all this borrow and spend crap (i.e. liberals) will be the first to complain about the coming bust because they are counting on it lasting forever whereas we conservatives know it cannot.

Forget the 401k.  Cost average into gold and silver for the long run and then you will be assured of having something to sustain yourself in retirement.  Fail to do this at your own peril because people like me are not saving enough wealth in real money (gold and silver coins) to help those who had the chance but who did not help themselves.  No excuses will be heard.  And if some of the then newly awakened (AKA disenfranchised liberals) try to take by force what is the property of the savers (true conservatives) then it will be a sad day for the Loud Liberals because we have been saving our labor into guns and bullets in addition to gold, silver and food.

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