Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Corrupt and violent Baltimore police about to get the smackdown.

WaPo reports that the Justice Dept is about to "help" in a sweeping overhaul of the city police.  Why are they doing this?  I thought that the police state was going to take over?  At least that's what everyone keeps telling me when I tell them that the more likely outcome is for the pendulum to begin swinging the other way.

The people are tired of heavy handed, no holds barred police state tactics.  They have finally raised their heads from grazing on the temporary prosperity of a debt driven economy, mainly because the growth in debt has slowed and the economy with it.  With empty stomachs instead of full, the herd is no longer passive and stupid.  Instead, it shows a great amount of ability to self organize and address its attackers, the latter being the LEOs of the African American plain.

All I can say to the Baltimore police is that this is bad news in the short term for you but good news in the longer term because if someone didn't come in to put a stop to your crap, the people would eventually take matters into its own hands and then it would have gotten very ugly for you.  You do not control the herd when the herd decides to stand up for itself.  You are trampled by the herd if you think otherwise.  This is not going to be some short respite from your corrupt ways.  Real change will now take place.  Not because you corrupt cops and corrupt leaders want it to happen, simply because your leadership can see the writing on the wall: Do it or else.

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