Thursday, August 18, 2016

Justice department to phase out the use of private prisons.

During the rise of liberalism and the ridiculous police state in the US, crime was productized in the same way that fake government sponsored security has been.  This self serving crap was designed to generate revenue for the corrupt assholes behind it while not giving a shit about everyone who was negatively affected.

In the case of the "justice" system, the building and running of prisons was outsourced by government to private enterprise who, of course, also lobbied for everything under the sun to become illegal with "zero tolerance" in order to keep their prisons full and profitable.  But now that liberalism has peaked so has the asinine police state, just as I have been saying would be the case for some time now.  Today's evidence for this view comes in the form of a quiet announcement by the Justice dept that it is moving away from outsourced prisons.

It's not that the con men running this show have all of a sudden gotten a conscience.  It's that the easy debt based money supply has peaked.  Without an ever increasing supply of Mammon Money to bribe the greedy with, all of the scammy shit that was associated with that money is now being reversed.  Real conservatives put people in jail who deserve to go to jail.  We do not see it as our right to control everyone's lives and to push our moral values upon them at gunpoint.  That is totally liberal control freak behavior.  Lots of those in private prisons are there for nonviolent drug crimes involving personal use and not selling to minors. 

Remember the crazy liberal crap called "prohibition" from the early 1900s?  Regardless of which political parties wanted it, it was not conservative behavior to drive that morality into everyone's lives at what was essentially gun point.  So does anyone remember when prohibition ended?  Yes, that's right, in 1933.  Do we really think it is a coincidence that it ended right at the low of the Great Depression?  Of course it was no coincidence.  The economy was so bad that government realized it just needed to get the fuck out of people's lives and let them live however they wanted to if anything was ever going to get better.

Every government interaction with the public is predatory and parasitic in nature, especially those done "for our safety and well being".  Government knows this which is why when the economy is very bad the speed limits go way up (in Texas we now have some major toll roads with 85 mph speed limits!), criminalization of the use of drugs and alcohol is reduced or eliminated (pot is now legal in several states for recreational use) and the police state gets the smack down (many examples over the past 2 years where government has been vocal about police shooting unarmed people and are no longer giving police the benefit of all doubt as they have been doing for years leading up to now).

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