Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Assange implies that murdered DNC worker was just more loose ends being cleaned up.

The things that people are saying on camera these days continue to get more provocative as people begin to lose fear of saying politically incorrect things.  Why are they doing this now?  Well, a better question would be to ask is how did we ever get into the state where we were ever afraid of saying politically incorrect things!  What the fuck good is free speech if people cannot say what is on their mind without getting bullied for it?

Personally I have never much cared what people thought of me which of course is why I still have to work for a living. Had I kissed ass and snuggled up to the power base I think I could have done quite well for myself.   Had I been willing to whore out my principles like most politicos today then yes, I could be getting paid thousands to deliver worthless speeches to bankers, etc.

But hey, this is about Assange, not me.   While Assange did not just come out and say it, the way he said what he said can only lead the audience to believe that the murdered DNC worker was likely an informer of his.  Besides, why else would he offer a $20k reward to find the hit man?  Of course $20k is nothing in today's organized crime government.  $20k is what they pay the go between who tells the hit man who to kill and where and then pays him up when the deed is done.  $20k is chump change for these people.  Nobody will roll for that amount.  So we will probably never know the truth about that 27 year old's murder but Assange at least cast a shadow upon the DNC and of course on Hillary by association.

There is such a trail of bodies in the wake of the Clintons that US history pretty much has no equal.  Anyone who does business with the Clintons has to understand that one day, regardless of whether they have been loyal Clinton stooges or not, they may be classified as a loose end whose continued existence simply isn't worth the risk to Hillary.  I say, if you shake hands with the Devil you get burned.

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