Thursday, August 4, 2016

The rise of conservatism, today's evidence point

You very rarely hear the conservative element in Hollywood speak their mind strongly.  Oh sure, Charlton Heston and Clint Eastwood got away with the occasional conservative spouting off but they are Gollywood royalty (was in the case of Heston of course).  The rank and file don't get to talk like that without career limiting repercussions.

That is the message of Antonio Sabato jr. today as you can read in this article.  Of course, poor Antonio doesn't really understand that Trump is a flaming liberal in action if not in name anymore.  Trump has been a democrat in the past and has been very chummy with his new "enemy" Hillary:

But let's forget all that.  Let's forget that Trump is a serial bankruptcy artist (and therefore not conservative in action).  Under control of the peak of global liberalism and the growing conservative wave, the herd wants to pendulum away from the liberal politically correct crowd and they are willing to support anyone they can find who they think has a chance. 

Trump's only advantages are his perceived iconoclastic nature and his complete lack of political correctness.  It's not the political correctness which the herd really hates, its the fact that political correctness has been used as a control mechanism pushing the herd far off the center that it feels comfortable with.  The herd was willing to put up with the increased control over it while the engine of temporary prosperity, AKA debt, was growing for everyone.  Now the debt is just growing for the government while fewer and fewer people avoid huge debt even if it means living in a prison of a home like the so called tiny homes which often total a meager 300 sq ft in living area.

In any case more and more people will see vocal push back like Sabbato's and it will inspire them to push back as well.  They will self organize and they will create a viable leadership threat to the existing liberal Hollywood royalty that is running the show today.  In 20 years people could even possibly be calling Hollywood a new conservative Mecca.  I know, seems crazy today.  But as the entrenched liberal idiots of Hollywood die off, people like Sabato who have a strong voice and who show no fear will likely take over the leadership reins going forward.

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