Saturday, August 20, 2016

Clueless lemmings or organized crime?

Mish went off recently with yet another diatribe on how the stupid lemming-like central bankers just won't learn from their mistakes.  You can sit there and read him go on and on about how the Japanese central bank is somehow missing the point and how all the central bankers are missing the point but in fact it is Mish that is missing the point.

Mish, do you think these people don't know what is really going on?  Do you think they don't understand that they are running a debt Ponzi which is on its last legs?  Do you think that they don't understand the fact that if they stop pumping things up artificially that it will all collapse in one big derivative fueled toilet flush?  Do you think that these people believe they will be allowed to retain their current status and wealth if all this happens?

Mish, you are a big believer in Occam's razor where the simplest reason is probably the correct one.  Do you think it is really simple for every well educated moneyman on the planet to not understand how a Ponzi works or the fact that all of them eventually and inevitably go bust?  Do you think none of them have read Lord Keynes' guidance that "in the long run we are all dead"?  In other words don't run any system for the long term because life is limited.  So pump it up for the here and now and then let someone else pay the price later on.  Do you think that there are no such things as con games?  Why is it somehow simpler for you to believe that everyone is stupid and clueless than for you to believe that they are simply organized criminals?

I assert that organized crime of the US never was wiped out.  It simply began wearing business suits and carrying brief cases and infecting government policy.  I assert that this is not only the simpler explanation but also the more likely case given so much human history of large scale organized crime running the show.  I assert that the only goal of those running this con is to keep the Ponzi plate spinning just as long as they possibly can because no matter what happens at this point their very lives are at stake.

When the global fake money scam collapses, and I do not know when that will be but only that it must eventually happen, many, many idiots will find themselves without anything. No food.  No shelter.  No money.  No gas or energy.  Nothing.  Supply chains will certainly be disrupted for a significant period of time and lawlessness will become rampant.  When that happens, the herd will go looking for the sons of bitches who caused it and there is a good chance that they will be dragged into the streets and hanged.  NOT by the conservatives but by the liberal morons who trusted these con men so willingly and for so long!  I say again that when the shit hits the fan it will be the liberals who trusted the system and who counted on the system for their subsistence who will be the most dangerous to those in government that they once idolized and damned near worshiped.


Augustine said...


No, I do not think that Mish doesn't get it. After all, he has provided hints before that he dies get it. Methinks that the trouble comes when one runs an investment firm, when one has to tone down the most radical, as closer to the root, analysis out even suppress it.

I wonder if this is the conundrum that many people who once got it have: it comes a time when effectively they become accomplices, even if remotely, of the corruption they before despised. Remember the defender of the gold standard and who later turned into yet another central banker? Perhaps that's how souls are sold, by avoiding to scare customers.

You be careful, my friend.

The Captain said...

If that is true then he should just say nothing. If he really does get it then he should not perpetuate the myth that those who are causing the problems are really just good intention-ed people who are misguided. Stop coddling the elite!

As for being careful, I realized and really internalized some years ago that I cannot live forever. And once I'm gone it will be as if I never existed. It doesn't matter if it happens tomorrow or 30 years from now. So, no, I don't plan to sit back and be quiet about what I know is going on. To do so is to live in fear, to be part of the scared herd that sees the LEOs taking down the herd members and is scared even though the herd can, if it will act in unison, trample the oppressors quickly.

Besides, the infighting has begun among the elite. They have bigger fish to fry.

Augustine said...

I should have been clearer: you be careful to not lose your edge before you lose customers. But I know you won't.

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