Tuesday, August 9, 2016

War will be good for oil

Mish reports that the situation in the Ukraine is heating up again.  What do piece of $hit corrupt "leaders" do when the economy is in the tank?  The START WARS is what they do.  Most global leaders deserve to be dumped into the shredder teeth of a massive meat grinder because that is what they do to so many poor people in their damned wars of aggression.

I wish that the good people of Russia would stand up and tell Putin to take a powder on this one.  Tell him he can continue to play Tiny King without all the killing and bloodshed.  I think it is strange that Putin choose this time to rattle the saber.  So he and Trump are talking, Trump is a bit behind in the polls and all of a sudden tough talking Trump has another war he can use as a proof point about how bad and scary our enemies are.   I suspect it to be more likely that Mr. "art of the deal" probably just made another deal...

Be careful here Donald.  Those who thought they got away with the 911 will have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.  Likewise, if you made a deal with Putin to start a conflict so that you could get better ratings at the polls and if people die in said conflict then if the people ever suspect you to be complicit in it, and yes, we already do and it hasn't even happened yet, then you could eventually find yourself up on charges of treason and war crimes.  It's not worth it Donald, tell your boy Putin to stand down.

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