Monday, August 22, 2016

Scaremongering or just common sense?

BBC just reported that the German government has recommended that citizens stockpile at least 10 days of consumables just in case something unexpected happens.

While some called it scaremongering I think that term is best used in conjunction with an "or else".  For example "bail out the bankers or else we will see martial law", etc.  That's scaremongering because it is meant to drive the herd into a certain direction.  But simply advising people to stock up on a paltry 10 days worth of food in case of supply interrupts is not only good advice, but a bit weak if anything.  I think 6 months of nonperishable/slow perishable (canned goods) food stocks is just the basic thing everyone should do.  If you rotate your stocks nothing will ever spoil.  If you don't have this you are counting on a system that is hopelessly in debt to never default and that is just stupid.

Keep in mind, defaulting will not be the end of the world (necessarily).   But it will very likely cause supply chain interruptions and that means food and energy might become scarce.  I really don't want to stand in a line for 8 hours per day set up by government to keep the people just above starvation level so that nobody has the time or energy to ask how things collapsed.

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