Tuesday, April 11, 2017

United receives public smackdown from an ever more vigilant and reactive herd.

When the credit was flowing easily and the artificial grass seemed to grow all on its own then governments, and their close relatives in the form of corporations, could do whatever the Hell they wanted.  While many people saw what was taking place, they caved to their herding instincts and said/did nothing.  Essentially, the witnesses looked to the left and nobody was complaining.  Then they looked to the right and again, no complainers.  So, like plodding and spineless herd members they didn't complain either.  After all, the hive mind of the herd expects and accepts some casualties for the perceived good of the herd.  If this were not true then why would we ever send even one young man or woman of our military into harm's way without there being a clear objective that was in the interest of national defense which would be accomplished and then abandoned?

If we are honest then we will accept the notion that the herd recognizes an acceptable loss and considers it a small price to pay for the good of the broader herd.  This point is thoroughly made by this video of wolves hunting buffalo wherein a younger buffalo is singled out by the wolf pack for attack while other large members of the herd zoom by like semis on the highway pass a car on the side of the road.  Those big animals have massive power and huge horns that they could have rammed the wolves with on their way by but they don't even bother.  The loss of one younger member of the herd is considered a small price to pay (always by those not paying the price of course).  Amazingly, as the wolves demonstrate control of the caught beast, a monster buffalo swoops in from behind and with absolute purpose aforethought flips the younger animal on its back thus ending its fight and its life on the spot.  Maybe it was considered a mercy killing.   Maybe the sacrifice was simply considered a small price to pay in order to get the wolves off the backs of the herd.  The important take away is that the herd feels healthy enough to make this sacrifice without a fight, in fact some of the herd actually collaborate with the attackers in order to be on the winning side.  As long as there seem to be plenty of expendable pawns, why bother protecting them?

Conversely, if you are in the end game and you have few pawns left you protect them like crazy because they are the future.  Pawns can be converted into queens and rooks if allowed to reach their destination.  The battle at Kruger shows an example of where the herd simply decided that yet another death to the parasites was not an acceptable loss that day.

And so it goes.  When the herd feels strong, a lot of things are turned blind eyes too but when the herd is under pressure as the working class of the USA and other western nations are today, the herd suddenly stops being so damned complacent and begins fighting back.  The recent story about United Airlines forcibly removing a passenger is such an example. 

In search of profit above all other considerations, United and other airlines overbook.  Sometimes it doesn't work out in that they do not get the expected cancellations.  In those cases it has apparently become practice to simply go on the plane and pick those who will lose their seats.  Like all government actions, first they send a nice message in the form of a gentle request.  But if you say no and assert the conservative view that you have as much right to be there as the next guy they send a big guy to tell you in a forceful tone to move your fucking ass.  And if you still choose not to act like a beaten slave then of course they beat your ass and drag your dazed carcass off the plane.  ALL government / corporate actions eventually result in the use of violent or even deadly force if their slaves don't comply.  ALWAYS.

The key here is that they get away with it until they don't and then boy don't they.  First the CEO responded to the "unfortunate incident" calling it "re-accommodation" of the passenger.  For that elitist and dismissive portrayal of the incident the CEO needs a massive back hand to the face.  Obviously he is an intelligent man so why would he say such a thing?  Simply because he is used to getting away with it.  But this time, which must have felt like a swift back hand to the face, customers didn't ignore the incident and instead responded with boycott talk.  As the share price of United began to slip under the pressure, the CEO finally figured out that something was different this time.  Stuff that he has been getting away with all this time without push back has suddenly become an electric third rail leading him to apologize not once but twice.  No doubt the passenger will walk away with a hefty settlement payment which will wipe out an unexpectedly large amount of the recent gains made by overbooking.

These things change by degree so that most people don't even notice but I have been documenting the signs in real time and I can clearly prove a change in the wind direction.  When in the past was it ever considered OK for a grown man to scream and cry and fight like that doctor did when they were extracting him from his seat?  This was before they punched his lights out.  In the past, the fellow passengers would have sided with the airline and called the sacrificial passenger crazy.  They might even have broken into applause as his limp body was being dragged off the plane.

Those liberal times are over.  Conservatives do not ascribe so easily to the needs of the many being more important than the needs of the few or the one.  That's because liberalism is an upward swing in the herding instinct and conservatism is a downward swing in same.  Conservatives believe that individuals are important and that self is important.  Conservatives stand up for themselves and are not easily intimidated or trampled.  As the wind blows conservative you can only expect more and more in our society to react in a conservative manner.

One more thing.  All those liberal actions that took place when the wind was blowing liberal have not been forgotten. They have only been papered over, pushed to the back of memory or written down in a little black book.   We will be witnessing this in the not distant future wherein some minion who the powers that be thought it would be OK to sacrifice "for the good of the herd" (which really means for their own good) doesn't go quietly into the night as expected.  Instead, he will pull out the equivalent of a little black book where he will have detailed documentation of all the liberal crimes that were committed under the liberal regime.   I know this is going to happen because it is the model for the collapse of any organized criminal ring.  Organized crime is just like the wolf pack.  Instead of making their own living by producing something, they survive parasitically off of the work of others.   The herd turns the blind eye and is even complicit until the herd begins to feel weakened in aggregate and the hive feeling of security turns to one of fear.  At that point the herd, almost in unison like a school of fish, begins to fight back.  This activity is self reinforcing because of the feedback loop.  Everyone has now seen the passenger get thugged off of the United flight.  Anyone with a brain now knows he is going to get a huge payday and probably won't even have to go to trial to get it.  Watch as the belligerence of customers toward corporations grows as the feedback reinforces this activity.

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