Sunday, April 2, 2017

Entire countries being ruined due to political correctness.

Several countries in Europe are under several societal distress because of the immigration scam perpetrated by their corrupt governments.  According to many sources like this, Sweden is in serious trouble and France is not far behind.  Germany, I believe, is rapidly coming to the same state of affairs.  They have let in a critical mass of breeding and hostile invaders who do not, never have, and never will integrate into western culture.  They seek to dominate and overthrow and you have to agree that they are nothing if not dedicated to their cause.  And why shouldn't they be?  The radical Muslims are winning over there!

How did it come to this?  Well its looking very much like what I predicted a long time ago in these pages: fake money has changed the way people think about having families.  The effect of Mammon Money on society was that possessions and status took precedent over having children.  As a result, the "leaders" saw falling demographics which is very scary to the parasite class.  Their response?  Open the doors to young people from other countries and repopulate with foreigners.  Too bad if it ruins the local economy and local society because one kind of slave is as good as another to the parasite class; "these people will eventually integrate and the tax base will be restored".

That was the thought process.  But these morons didn't realize about the resolve of the radical Muslim.  They didn't realize that it is specifically against their religion to be westernized!  And these people are breeders with families that are 5+ children.  It does not take very long for there to be a complete power reversal with this kind of growing demographic.  Even China is starting to see the threat as a large region within it has banned veils and abnormal beards which are both very embedded aspects of Muslim culture.

It's a big problem for Europe but it's not a problem in the USA yet.  We kicked those traitors named Obama and Hillary out of the way so that they could not ruin the USA like this despite clear plans and best efforts.  So I don't have a dog in this hunt.  Thus if I comment on it I am not suggesting that anyone take any particular course of action, I'm am just observing and commenting.  But I am pretty good at understanding the options that one faces given any set of circumstances and the legacy citizens of countries that are now being overrun by foreign invaders have two basic options: either leave the country and abandon everything to the invaders OR take up arms, throw your leaders into the streets and trample them, and then throw out the invaders or kill them in their tracks. 

You can say the same things in more sugar coated ways if you like but the essence of truth cannot be changed by desires for political correctness.  I wish it was somehow different but anyone who cannot see this simple truth is afflicted with politically correct head up ass syndrome.  When you have an infection you must deal with it aggressively or it will consume the body.  If you fail to do so, who can be blamed but those who failed to take action??  People of Europe, it is your fault that this is happening, you were pussies and you let corrupt leadership with an agenda that is different from your own talk you into one of the stupidest things that any country has ever done in history.  Those same leaders cannot fix what they did.  They will just do more of the same.  Either protect yourselves from these traitors or go down in a fiery ball.  There really is no other option.

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