Monday, April 10, 2017

Alabama Governor sent packing

In the face of impeachment, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is being forced to resign.  The details of his transgressions are not important to me except perhaps the fairly trivial sexual nature of them.  I mean come on.  Slick Willy Clinton was getting BJs in the oral office.  I mean oval office.  And he got to skate out of it.  But Bentley is being made to leave do doing far less than Clinton did and I find that to be instructive given that liberals running the show would support that kind of behavior back in the Clinton years but today they know that the conservative people simply do not want this in their government and so if you get caught with hand in a cookie jar these day you can expect to lose the hand in the political sense of the word.

Look at the revolving door of Trump's administration.  When have we EVER seen that kind of turmoil?  These things are not just run of the mill happenings; they show a system that is undergoing immense stress.  Something is going to crack and it is going to be very ugly.  All the signs are there.  The USA is looking a lot less like a world leader and more like a bumbling idiot with a gun.  The reason is clear: the middle class which is the heart of the herd has been wiped out by the global debt Ponzi.  Tens of millions of workers have simply given up on the system.  This is happening in several ways:

- People who can get a job with good pay are simply saying fuck it and going off and doing their own thing.
- People who can get a job but not at what they want to be paid are saying fuck it a and either collecting welfare or they have trumped up some disability fraud.
- People who have jobs that pay for shit are no longer chasing the so called American dream.  Instead, they are buying tiny homes and trying to be happy in their little prison cells.

Each of these things is bad for the debt Ponzi and bad for the elite parasites.  Because so many are turning their back on the system and have stopped chasing the fake green paper, the government is now scrambling to recreate itself.  If someone gets caught screwing up, they are punished in a serious way or are just gone.  Cops are getting told to respect the people.  Where I live they used to love to put up their little signs that said "zero tolerance" for things like lawn watering enforcement and the use of fireworks.  I think we have seen the last of those signs applied to the people and now that little police state slogan is being directed inward into the system.

Unfortunately the establishment will find that their efforts are too little too late.  The economic damage has been done by liberal policies and liberal people.  There really is no saving it at this point.  Soon we will begin to see a whole raft of big name cities declaring BK because the current batch of workers is simply not big enough or strong enough to support all the retirees.  That is when the $hit is going to hit the fan. That is when we will see the fist fights break out on the congressional floor.  It's coming.  There is no avoiding it now.

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