Saturday, April 8, 2017

Rusky drone video shows very minor damage from 59 tomahawk missile launch.

We just spent 93 million bucks shooting Roman candles at a Syrian missile base supposedly in retaliation for Assad killing some of "his" people using poison gas.  As the tattle battle picks up steam, Russia has now provided video of the aftermath of the attack showing that very little damage was done.  It's like these highly accurate, highly controlled missiles were just sort of strewn across the landscape while tightly bunched aircraft remained parked nearby.

In other words, it was either the most inept surgical strike in the history of the US military (including all the boffed military operations of the Carter era) or this was nothing more than a big show, a 93 million dollar hoax attack.  I guess if real damage had been done then it could have risked Russia coming on strong but instead a hoax attack allowed Russia to employ a small response of moving a missile cruiser into the region.  What a complete joke the whole thing was and is.

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