Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sorry cops, your Pension Ponzi is rolling over

I've made it clear that I am no fan of what the police have become.  In my view, it's their fault.  They were getting pay and pension promises that were disconnected from economic reality while at the same time being given carte blanche to interact with citizens in any way that they damned well felt like doing including shooting many unarmed people, shooting kids with toy guns, shooting anyone's dog at any time for any reason even if the dog is locked up inside a fenced back yard.  It also includes many cases of planting evidence, lying about the circumstances of false arrest, sexual groping, illegal and immoral confiscation of money using the vague excuse that nobody should have that much on them so it must be drug related and many, many other outlandish behaviors that can be seen on video in Youtube.

In other words, cops gone wild.  When they got caught, the liberal establishment would either publicly side with them or simply put the offending assholes on paid leave until the herd settled down and forgot about the transgressions.  But as the liberalism was peaking and the winds of the new conservatism began to blow, the "stupid people" began waking up and showing police that perhaps they are not quite so stupid and easy to push around as they acted.  For a long time the herd turned a blind eye to the rampant police corruption to the degree that the police took it for granted.   But those days are definitely over and there is no greater evidence of this than such recent news as the failure of Dallas leaders to agree to rip off tax increases whose authors pitched them in order to push the people to add more money faster to the dying police pension fund.

This is the beginning of the end not just for the Dallas (and LA and Oakland and Houston and and and) pension funds.  It is the beginning of the end for the entire notion of pensions for public employees.  Mark my words.  Nobody is saying this but me right now but once the police and fire and teachers and every other Mark and Patsy working for government get screwed out of their pensions they will restructure the deal going forward just as corporate America has done over the past 40 years where pensions are no longer offered and the entire system is PayGo.

For the record, I will be applauding the collapse of these pension funds and the admission of public officials that taxes cannot simply be raised on the rest of the workers to fund these lavish perks.  I don't need the services of police and society does not need them to the degree we have been brainwashed to accept them.  I believe that people should take more responsibility for their own personal safety and that of their neighborhood.  The police are never there in time to stop the really bad, life threatening crimes anyhow.  They show up in time to do the paperwork and have a coffee.  They are certainly not adding enough economic value that they should be allowed to retire after 20 years and then collect a large percentage of their past salary for life.  Nobody else gets anything like that so neither should police, fire, teachers, bureaucrats, judges or any other state employee.  We the people are just not that into you.  All of you will have to move to PayGo in the next 10 years.  Watch and see if I'm right about this.

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