Sunday, April 30, 2017

Coke sales plummet in Philly

Here's the article but long story short is that desperate Philly government decided to "sin tax" sodas in the belief that people are a bottomless pit of wealth who can and will absorb any new tax rather than to cut back on their supposed addictions.  In the case of Philly it was a 50% "fuck you" tax on soft drinks.  Why they chose to target that industry so strongly is anyone's guess but it probably is an attempt to socially engineer the population.  Of course, nobody gives a thought to the loss of jobs and corporate taxes this will result in...

Expect to see greedy, corrupt, bankrupt governments try to grab more and more of your cash through crap like this.  They really only have 2 choices in the matter.  Just admit that the debt Ponzi is now in the collapse stage or get even more creative trying to keep the Ponzi plate spinning as long as possible.  Of course they will hide the truth as long as possible and tell us how all this corruption is being done for our betterment but at some point they will drop the pretense simply because it won't pay to try to put on pretense anymore.

Look for these signs to grow larger and closer together.  An economic earthquake is coming.  Jim Rickard has it right.   The first bailouts bailed out hedge funds like LTCM.  The second one bailed out the banks.  The next one will have to bail out central banks including the fed.  Maybe they can continue the con using IMF special drawing rights (SDRs).  But that would just be the papering over of an already rotten system, not a fix.  There is no fix.  There is only the great reset and its coming regardless of who gets elected president or prime minister or central bank chief.  No con ever ran forever and no it won't be different this time.

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