Saturday, April 22, 2017

ESPN cuts and runs.

In this post I highlighted the accelerating collapse of support for ESPN's liberal messaging.  I wrote, "without their [liberal] viewer base their economic support will soon collapse and some middle road or right leaning stuff will take its place.  OR ESPN will simply go under.  The CEOs of these companies should have been reading my blog.  They would have been able to make changes well in advance but right now its kind of like trying to pack up your campsite with the stampede only 30 seconds away.  The best you can do is cut and run.  It will be difficult to salvage any of their left agenda at all.".

Today we see that ESPN is hastily packing up their campsite as the headlines read that 40 on air "personalities" will be cut in May.  This is not a cost cutting move, folks.  It is a massive and significant change in ideology.  These jobs are not going away!!!  But in order to lean right again you have to push out the leftists.  Watch and see, the right leaning shows will remain with current hosts and the left leaning shows will all get new faces and new formats.  This may not seem like a big deal but it really is.  It's much bigger than the Duck Dynasty folks kicking A+E's ass way back when I reported on that.  This is the face, the very brand of ESPN undergoing major, major surgery.  This doesn't happen every day, week, month, year or even decade.  This is a 50 year event or more.and it completely supports my world view about the pendulum swinging to the right.  This is truly a 3rd wave event.

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